My nails for the V-Day Nailart Contest!

Polish Alcoholic  and Beauty Expression by Luchessa are hosting a valentines day nail art contest (more details here)!  I cannot resist this kinda fun, especially when you throw an indie gift cert into the mix. 🙂  Here’s what I came up using my new Formula X by Sephora polishes….

vday nails

These nails were intended to look more valentinesy because I was trying to do a heart-design water marble.  Shaaaaa, as if.  I kinda suck at water marbling. But I figure I have to keep trying or I’ll never get better!

vaday nails for nail art contest

I used black and clear in my marble.  I really like to use clear in my marble just to be different.  I like how you get a gap between the swirls so the base color shines through.  And these vampy base colors are stunning for v-day so I def want them to shine through!  The rules of this contest are to use at least three polishes so these are the three I’m wearing….

Black Cream- Dark Matter by Formula X for Sephora

Metallic Gold- Bond, Ionic Bond by Formula X for Sephora

Red Glitter- Atom + Eve by Formula X for Sephora

Wish me luck, and for your viewing pleasure…here are the other fantastic entries:

40 thoughts on “My nails for the V-Day Nailart Contest!

  1. Ohh now that was an unusual design for Valentine’s Day, which is great. It def stands out. Say, what is the technique to do the index finger?
    Thanks for posting this & good luck for the contest. xo

  2. loving the elegant edgyness of it.
    (how did the evil copycatz story go on? I’m keeping fingers crossed for you)

    • I gave her the links to my posts so she could correct it. She added my url as a source, but was still using the altered pics. So asked her to take them down altogether. She uses pinterest as her ‘shield’ like it’s not her fault that the pics she ‘found’ dont have watermarks.. but it’s not legit to do that. I found a great article called PINTEREST IS NOT A SOURCE….i might send it to her since her site is still operating the same way it was before the drama.

      • pinterest is not a source – and, even better: google is not a source!
        this is no excuse really. one could tend to hope more people were copyright-savvy in 2014, but alas…

        (were you able to find your pictures w/o watermarks on pinterest? because then you could find where they link back to or even if a user was uploading them)

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