Updated- stolen photos…

I stumbled upon a pic of my nails on pinterest without my watermark so I clicked the link.  It brought me to a website called Stylesatlife that has a whole nail art section filled with nail pic galleries and ‘top 9 nail’ posts.  None of the pics have watermarks and none have sources.  Below I’ve pasted a screen shot of one of the two manicures of mine that they posted.  My craftynail watermark was removed, and all it says for source is ‘pinterest’ (but they don’t provide a url link to the pin or anything).  In fact, most of the other pics have no mention of source at all.  And not even ONE of them has a watermark.  I am sending an email as we speak.

You can check out their nailart gallery to see if they ripped off your nails too >> http://stylesatlife.com/articles/makeup/nail-art/

UPDATE on Feb 2nd, 2014 The admin of that website took my photo down promptly as requested.  Going forward she says she will ask permission before posting photos.  However, other than my photos being removed, I don’t see many other changes on her website.  So if you happen to have any outstanding issues regarding photo usage you can contact- Styles At Life, Balaji Nagar, Miyapur, Hyderabad-500049. Or email: info@stylesatlife.com or prahalya@stylesatlife.com



35 thoughts on “Updated- stolen photos…

  1. Geez, why did they even go through the effort of removing watermarks, rather than just asking for permission to use? I wonder how many people’s photos are on there…
    Thanks for the heads up!

  2. I just can’t believe it. They’ve even got some Robin Moses’s designs and all with no source. I don’t get it why people are doing this. It’s not hard to ask, is it..
    Thanks for the heads up hun!

  3. well, you know you’ve ‘made it’ as a nail artist blogger when they steal your photos. :/ Jokes aside, I’m sorry it’s happened! People who do this suck. 😦 It can’t be hard to credit the source!! (hug).

  4. Ugh, sorry Jacqui :/ it looks like the gallery has been taken down though. I couldn’t get to it through the link or through the site.

  5. Hi

    These all articles compilation articles.. I am extremely sorry for not given source Liinks.. I will update with links to all my website Images.. In future we won’t repeat this.. Please Excuse this time.. Sorry for inconvenience to all bloggers…

  6. It’s terrible, but what’s worse is that I’ve heard of this type of thing before, just so sorry that it had to happen to you… I hope that this gets resolved asap if it hasn’t already been.

  7. Thanks for the heads up. This is really dodgy! You know that they know they do something illegal when they take the time to remove watermarks and alter the images, and then they say “oops” just to avoid legal action…

  8. One of my photos showed up this evening on a site called Sighting Style (or Sightingstyle.) I commented that the proper and appropriate thing to do would have been to link back to my original blog post. It wasn’t watermarked, which is clearly my issue to rectify going forward (although if the Shia LaBoeufs of the nail blogging world are going to alter/remove watermarks, what’s the point?) but the most galling part of all? It’s a polish that I FREAKING MADE! Not cool. Just credit people for their work – it’s not hard.

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