A frosty blue from Bath and Body Works

I’m taking the Crumpet’s Golden Oldies Thursday very seriously. 😀  We’re supposed to use old nail polishes for this challenge, so I’m trying to track down my very oldest bottles.  Like over ten year old!  A first I thought it would simply be fun to try some oldies again, but now I’m realizing that it might be a great way to de-stash!  This challenge may help me sort through everything and decide on which old bottles to put to rest.  Sadly, today’s nail polish will probably wind up in the trash.  Here’s what I’m using for the BLUE theme of the Golden Oldies Challenge……….

april showers nail polish Do you remember that old scent from Bath & Body Works called April Showers?  I still have a mini body spray of that scent kicking around somewhere.  Well, I guess B&BW made nail polish to coordinate with it… and I got the set years ago from my cousin who was the manager of one of their stores.  (I think the bottle of polish had a silver-tone horseshoe charm on it too).  So let’s see what April Showers nail polish looks like on the nail….

bath body works nail polish

This needed three coats to be opqaue.  Which normally is fine for me, but these layers were getting thick and it wasn’t drying well.  I placed some glitter for an accent nail because the polish looked a little BLAH to me.  I do like the shade of April Showers- the pastel blue is very pretty.  But the finish is too streaky and too imperfect.  Oh, it smelled it too.  😦  I added some seche vite topcoat which I thought would make it look better… but the seche somehow pooled at the tips of my nails.  It’s very weird!

Geesh, I wonder what gems I’ll dig up for the next GOT challenge?  Hahaha, but seriously, I promise to bring you some prettier nails next time, I swear!

  You can view the other girls’ BLUE manicures by clicking the little guy below.  I’m sure theirs will be nicer than mine so it’s worth a click! And please let me know if you’ve ever worn nail polish from Bath & Body Works before!

13 thoughts on “A frosty blue from Bath and Body Works

  1. It sounds like you are loving the GOT polish challenge as much as I am! It’s been so much fun to go through my gigantic hoard and find some that I can’t believe I haven’t been wearing (and others that I can’t believe I still have). Looking forward to seeing your future posts! ♥♥

  2. It did have a charm on the bottle! I can’t believe you still have that, and that it came out so smooth on your nails. I think it’s pretty.

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