Enchanted Polish

enchanted polish

A few weeks ago I got my first ever bottles of Enchanted Polish (from nailpolishcanada).  They’re both duochromes.  One is a holo called The Youth (I didn’t know holo duochromes even existed until now!) and a glitter called Hello New York.  I’ve swatched both and also did some gradient nail art with each.  Behold!


The Youth is a light green holo that shifts between mint green, icy blue and sometimes even purple.  Shown here is one base coat, three coats of The Youth, and seche vite topcoat.  It’s gorgeous!

the youth swatch theyouth enchanted

Here’s The Youth‘s duochrome effects…

the youth duochrome

How about some simple nail art with this?  Here’s The Youth with some black China Glaze sponged onto the tips.  The results are a stunning black & holo gradient!

black gradient The Youth enchanted holo polish gradient


Hello New York is a glitter!  It’s so glam and absolutely shines of gold and green!  I think it’s meant to be a glitter topper but I had to try it on it’s own.  Below is one coat of Essence peel-off base coat, 4 coats of Hello New York and one coat of seche vite topcoat…..

hello new york hello new york enchanted polish

Sometimes it’s yellow and sometimes it’s green.  Here’s two different views of it…

hello new york duochrome

Hello New York looks so hot layered over black too!  Check out my simple glitter gradient…

gold gradient hello new york black and gold gradient

The formula was great on these…I definitely want more Enchanted Polish!  They’re so full of special effects!  Like WOW!  But I heard Enchanted is hard to get your hands on and it sells out quickly.

What do you think of this brand?

33 thoughts on “Enchanted Polish

  1. Wow, they are gorgeous!! There are soooo many indies I want to try, but after looking at your swatches, Enchanted has moved higher on the list lol. Thanks for sharing!

    • I havent tried that many indies.. but these take the cake! If u sign up for email alerts on their website you can get updates on their sales (theyre having a quickie sale on sunday the 26th)

  2. They are very pretty, but most de-stashers are selling them for $35 a bottle and I can’t justify paying that. Not when I can get about 4 of another indie for that price. But they look lovely on you!!!

  3. For some reason, duochromes aren’t that appealing to me, they look awesome on others, but I’m not that tempted to try them… Hm. ? : )
    But that sponged perfection you created with black and The Youth is seriously STUNNING. Such a gorgeous mani, I can’t even.

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