January N.A.I.L. challenge announcement!

Hello lovies, it’s officially January now!  You know what that means: a new year, new hopes and dreams, and new resolutions.  Well, we know how disappointing it can be to make a resolution and then never follow through with it.  So Brijits DigitsCraftynail, and Eeeek! Nail Polish!  are here to help you.  Here’s what to do….

Step 1.  Resolve to join our January N.A.I.L. Challenge.

Step 2.  Do as little as ONE manicure for our N.A.I.L. Challenge.

Step 3.  Revel in your high levels of self-esteem, personal satisfaction and increased sense of power- you have completed one of your 2014 new years resolutions!

If you’re thinking of trying a nail challenge, the Nail Art Ideas Linkup is the one to try!  It’s so flexible, you cannot fail at this challenge!!!!!!  We have four themes for January but you don’t need to do all of them.  More details at bottom of this post.  Ready for the 4 themes???

*We have two different January widgets for you, just pick your fave of the two!

Health & Wellness (THEME 1)-  Do you want to get healthier in 2014?  Maybe this theme will help motivate you?  Paint some gym equipment on your nails, or fruits n veg, or if you want to be more zen how about some nice meditative colors?

Inspired by Pinterest (THEME 2)- Pinterest is swimming with inspiring nail art ideas.  Pick one of your favorite manis from that site and re-do it your own way!  You can make an exact replica of a pinterest nail design, or you can utilize a design for liberal inspiration.  Just make sure to share the love by referencing the pin that inspired you!

Opposite Day (THEME 3)- Did you know that Jan 25th is officially named OPPOSITE DAY?  To praise this holiday let’s paint our nails opposite of our usual style!  Do you hate water marbling?  Try it!  Do you rarely wear blue nail polish?  Well, wear it!  Step outside your comfort zone for this theme and surprise yourself!

Border Mani (THEME 4)-  A border mani is when you paint a border on the rim of your nails, or maybe just embellish the borders of your nails with dots or glitter, etc.  You can google the search term BORDER MANI to find tons of inspiration.  If you’ve never tried one before, now’s the time!

Here are the rules for Nail Art Ideas Linkup (we like to call it N.A.I.L.)……

    • Do one of the weekly themes, or do them all- it’s up to you!
    • The dates for each week are only suggestions- you can post your nails whenever you want in January.
    • The nail art ideas/themes are open to interpretation.  You can create whatever kind of design you want!  Stamps, stickers, acrylics- they’re all game!
    • We encourage all nail enthusiasts to join in whether you have a blog, FB, IG, Tumblr, etc…
    • Feel free to post one of our widgets on your site to share the word and use #NAILLINKUP on your social media.
    • Lastly but most importantly, don’t forget to enter the URL to your nails via the inlinkz below!

6 – 12 January – Health and Wellness :

13 – 19 January – Inspired by Pinterest :

20 – 26 January – Opposite Day :

27 January – 2nd February – Border Manis :

Any questions about NAIL ART IDEAS LINKUP?  Contact us or read more about N.A.I.L. on our blog links below.  We look forward to seeing your nails this January!


Brijit from Brijits Digits

Jacqui from Craftynail

Jemma from Eeeek! Nail Polish! 

PS- For those of you with loftier resolutions… we’d like to remind you of our big international nail art challenge scheduled for July 2014.  Our 2013 OMD Challenge was a huge hit with over 900 entries, so you better believe we’re doing it again in 2014!  Keep your schedule open in July for OMD Part Deux.  It has prizes!  Click here to see the gallery of past OMD designs.

25 thoughts on “January N.A.I.L. challenge announcement!

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  2. I totally wish I could join but I’m such a spaz and I know I will flake out. Since my work schedule changed again (working at 5 am again!), I know my schedule is going to be all off again. Why can’t I be a morning person? Anyway, good luck with the challenge! 🙂

  3. Ooooh, I think I’m feeling brave enough to join in on this now!! Will probably only do one this month though as soooooooo busy!

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