Rival de Loop Perfect Pinky

Today I’m showing you a lovely polish that I won from luchessa.org!  Luchessa mailed it to me all the way from Germany so this polish is totally unique in my stash!  It’s called Rival de Loop Perfect Style Effect Nail Color in Perfect Pinky.  Even though the name suggest it’s pink, it also has nice purple tinge to it.  So I layered it over a purple OPI to really play up the violet tones….

rival de loop

Shown here is…

♥ Sally Hansen Maximum Growth – one coat as a base coat

♥ OPI Dutch ‘Ya Just Love OPI – two coats as my purple base color

♥ Rival de Loop Perfect Pinky – one coat as a special effect topper

purple painted studs – for fun!

perfect pinky

Isn’t it gorgeous!?!?!  I also tried Perfect Pinky on its own- it needed four coats for opacity and it looked totally different!  It had an almost rhubarb-colored pinkish purplish tone with tons of copper shimmer.  It’s so pretty any way you wear it though- by itself or as a topper.  I’m so thankful I won this bottle- thanks Luchessa!

Have you ever tried this brand Rival de Loop?

10 thoughts on “Rival de Loop Perfect Pinky

  1. Looks beautiful on you 🙂 I can imagine you would need about 3 coats for a full effect of this polish, but it would also look pretty on it’s own. I liek what you came up with for this mani 🙂 xo

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