Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! And if you don’t celebrate Christmas then I wish your day is filled with plenty of good food, family, friends and love! ♥

holly french manicure
This manicure is my entry for December’s Nail Art Ideas Linkup.  The theme this week is FESTIVE FRENCH MANI and I’m realizing how seldom I wear French manicures!!  I free-handed the white tips using a skinny brush and cheap NYC brand nail polish called French White Tip.  I could’ve used tape or nail guide stickers, but sometimes that feels like a hassle to me.  I did a light coat of a Seche Vite French Manicure color called Chic over top too.  This may be my favorite French mani color ever!  It’s very transparent but one one coat does the trick.  It looks so sheer and natural and it has the slightest shimmer in it which is not even noticeable, but it keeps the nail from looking dull or flat!

I’m happy with my finished frenchie, especially since I painted the white tip a little high to create an illusion that my nails are longer than they actually are.  It’s all smoke and mirrors, girls! lol

christmas holly diy decals

Now how did I do the little holly design?  That’s actually a diy decal that I made last week. I stamped the holly design onto a plastic baggie using black nail polish and my MoYou Festive 03 stamping plate.  Then I used some green nail polish to paint over and fill in the holly leaves. I topped that with a few swipes of topcoat and let it dry well.  The hollies peeled off the baggie like perfect little stickers.  Then I used some tiny scissors –you know those teensy cuticle trimmer scissors that we all have but never use?  They are perfect for cutting up decals!  I trimmed my holly bunches from three leaves down to two so they’d become smaller to fit better on my nails.  I laid the decal on my accent fingernail, dotted some clear polish on top to secure a few red rhinestones, then I topcoated the whole thing.  Here’s a shot of both hands…

holly french
These Christmas nails are a bit tamer than my usual style!  I felt a little bare wearing such a simple french manicure.  But don’t worry, I’ve already blinged them up by adding holo glitter that santa left in my stocking.  If you give me nail polish, I will be using it as soon as humanly possible. 🙂

WHAT DID YOU WEAR ON YOUR NAILS FOR CHRISTMAS??  Did you go simple like me, or did you wow everyone with your major cray cray nails? 

Warm wishes to you and yours- from the bottom of my heart!  Talk soon, Craftynail xo

N.A.I.L. Dec Theme 4 – Festive French Manis

Dec Linkup Themes

25 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Haha! Cray cray nails! Mine are more on the loud, flashy side. 😉 These are just lovely. I realized that I haven’t done a french manicure in about 1 1/2 years. I guess since I used to do them a lot, I’m now making up for lost time with fancy pants designs and lots of color. I keep planning on making more DIY decals but keep putting it off. Great work. Merry Christmas Jax! xoxo

  2. That’s what I was thinking of, but since I broke one of my nails, I have to go for something more complicated. Love it though, sometimes all the beauty lies in the simplicity 🙂
    And I still can’t believe that it’s the same as I was thinking of :O. Now I’ll go for red tips though and 2 accent nails (cause I broke my thumbnail).
    Anyways, lovely French mani! 🙂

  3. This is so cute. I hope you win. I rarely wear french tip mani’s either. I really don’t know why not. Actually I have on the first and last french tip mani this year, it’s a green glitter french tip lined with silver and then I placed red dots beneath it a larger one in the center and then curving along the smile line 2 smaller red dots on each side. I saw it on pinterest so it’s a copycat mani.

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  5. I hope you had a great Christmas. Unfortunately I didn’t do anything with my nails because I was sick with the stomach flu and just wanted to be in bed. Despite that, I still had a nice time when I wasn’t running to the bathroom. lol The vegetable broth I had for days sure was delicious! 😉 I never thought of making decals that way so thanks for sharing! Again, I just love how you have shaped your nails and they look so clean with a French mani.

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