Early Christmas Prezzies for Crafty!

Here’s a couple stocking stuffers that I got from my boss.  She knows me so well!

cute emery boards

This Miracle Birth Control Gum cracks me up!

birth control gum

Here’s a bottle of hand-blended Brijits Digits polish from my good friend Brijit! It’s a semi-matte brick red called Yowl.  It’s formulated to have a rubberized finish, but topcoat transforms it to super duper glossy!  Here’s two coats of Yowl with one coat of seche vite on top…


And here I am modeling Yowl with my new fingerless gloves.  These gloves were a gift to myself!  They have silver studs attached to the tops of them so I couldn’t resist.  They will keep my hands warm while I’m kicking around my chilly house and I can even paint my nails while wearing them.  🙂  Perfect!


I usually end up buying myself stuff when I’m supposed to be shopping for others.  Strange how that always seems to happen.  😉

Did you get any early Christmas presents? Do tell!

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