Bright and pretty nails!

pretty pink water slide decals

I’ve got some pretty colored nails for you today! I used a mirror shine nail polish from AVON as my vibrant pink base color.   Then I applied some pretty water slide decals that I got from my friend The Nailinator.  This is my first time trying water slide decals.  I thought they would be more fragile and sticky.  But once I realized that I could grab them and move them around and re-place them several times without messing them up… then I got the hang of them quickly.

water slide decals

This small sheet of decals is labeled ‘Beautiful Finger’ brand and I think they will last me a while.  After cutting several decals out of it, I barely made a dent.  And aren’t they pretty?  Rachael sent me these decals all the way from the Philippines.  For anyone who’s interested, she recently posted an update on her blog after Typhoon Haiyan devastated areas near her.  Click here to see her Philippine Flag Nail Art and to hear how you can help those in need.

AVON Blaze - Mirror Shine

I also wanted to post a swatch of my base color.  Shown above is two coats of AVON Blaze.  Blaze is a pretty magenta/pink foil from their Mirror Shine collection.  It’s funny to see how AVON cycles through their products and brings them back every so often.  Blaze was released maybe 6 months ago and I happen to have an old Mirror Shine from back in 2003.  That’s right, I still have a bottle from 10 yrs ago!  It’s silver, not pink.  But still….  It’s funny to have two bottles side by side that are ten years apart.  The old one still wears nice.  The bottle shape and size is identical, only the label has changed in ten years.  Just goes to show….AVON- I will still keep buying your products over and over again. 😀

pretty pink nails

Well, my weekend’s almost over.  Get ready for monday morning y’all.  Good luck!

15 thoughts on “Bright and pretty nails!

  1. These are really cool looking! I’m glad to hear you’ve found water decals easy to use, I’ve ordered some off of ebay and I’m so worry about them – I have the image of them just crumpling into nothing or folding over onto themselves and stuff. (P.S is your ‘not so new anymore but still new’ nail shape not really hard to keep in shape?)

    • My pointies don’t get in the way as much and they are so easy to file!!!!!!! But every so often when I’m doing something dumb like leaning my hand against the couch…. the tip will fold and break right off. Then I hafta shorten them all … I haven’t been able to get them long this way. Normally I can grow my nails easily. But still, I just love my pointies so much!

    • Thanks! sad to say, my pink nail polish chipped in less than a day. i was crunching numbers on my calculator at work and I noticed that something fell on my desk. It was a chip of my pink nail polish! I’ve never had nail polish just fall off like that before!

  2. That’s hilarious! I have an original bottle of Mirror Shine polish too! It’s the silver one and it still wears nicer than half of my new polish! Love the nail shape!

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