Blue Tree Manicure

Today is friday and I don’t have to work <woohoo> so I wanted to play with my new MoYou stamping plate and have some fun !  Plus, I’m going to see the sexy Chris Hemsworth in the new Thor:The Dark World movie soon so I’m in a good mood.  I think a bright bold happy mani is in order!

blue tree mani

I’m wearing three coats of Phoebe which is a cool smooth ‘velvet matte’ polish by Zoya.  It has some shimmer in there, but when it’s matte you don’t notice.  I stamped a tree image over top in grey, Zoya Dove.  Then I stamped the tree on top again using a dark blue creme called Jive by Oh My Golly.  I like how the grey stamp underneath gives a neat shadow effect.

Lookit my new MoYou plate that I used for this manicure.  When I ordered it pre-sale (it took a week or two before it shipped) it was called MOTHER NATURE 03 Plate, and that’s how it’s listed online.  But take a look at my plate- it says LANDSCAPE 03 on it.  Hmmmmm….

mother nature landscape collection 03 by MoYou London

Weird mistake they made, but I am liking all the cute nature stuff in this plate !

After I stamped the grey and blue tree design then I topcoated it with seche vite.  See how you can see alot of shimmer in my blue base color?  The shimmer was not noticeable when Phoebe was matte, but once I topcoated you can really see tons of shimmer in there!  I can’t decide if I like Zoya Phoebe better matte or shiny….. I took some photos of it matte which I can post later if anyone’s interested.  My camera was like WHOA at how blue it was!

Zoya Phoebe with MoYou stamping

Well, I’m off to go see Thor.  Have a nice weekend everyone! Talk soon!

24 thoughts on “Blue Tree Manicure

  1. I would love to see it matte! I have one pink Zoya matte polish and I love it. I just ordered the re-released ones. Hope you enjoy looking at MY BABY DADDY’S movie. LOL!

  2. really intricate and beautiful, the 3D effect is like lace casting a shadow. works really good with the icy blue colors.

    p.s. that’s one thing that water-based can’t do: stamping.

      • I use only water-based polishes these days. they have pros and cons; some require religious prepping, some are easier to handle.

        so far I’ve been doing nail art with those polishes; using a muji gel pen; with acrylic paint; with stickers.
        BTW stickers work amazingly well with water-based, the edges really disappear and it looks better than with normal polish. probably because there are no dissolvants in water-based, and the sticker doesn’t curl.

        stamping and taping didn’t work yet. but I’m determined 😀

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  4. What a cheery color! And thanks for showing that entire stamping plate, I’m always curious what the plates look like. That one looks like it’s got lots of different details!


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