Solar Eclipse Nails for #NAILLINKUP

Did you see the solar eclipse this morning?  I missed it!  We had daylight savings in the U.S. this morning too, which gave me an excuse to sleep in wayyy later than normal.  🙂

After deciding to make SOLAR ECLIPSE one of our themes for the November NAIL Linkup– this idea came to me rather quickly!  It’s an easy design too, which is always nice when you’re trying to squeeze nail challenges into your busy life schedule.


Each nail shows the different phases of the sun during an eclipse!  I did imagine the design different in my head though.  I’m surprised I was only able to fit 3 suns on each nail.  I imagined it with at least four suns, but oh well.  I need to face the fact that I don’t have long nails anymore!  lol


This manicure was simple simple simple!   I started with 2 coats of Brigits Digits called Witching Hour, a nice dark vampy holographic maroon color.  I just tried it out recently, but I’ve really been itching to wear it again since 1-Fall is great for deep mysterious colors like this and 2- now that my nails are shaped different I’m finding that I love to play with darker colors!  After my Witching Hour was in place I did 3 orange dots on each nail using AVON Creamsicle.  You may have noticed that I use that orange all the time, but for reals–AVON cream polishes are perfect for nail art!  To make the orange dots look like eclipses I just overlapped another dot over top using Witching Hour to partially cover the suns.  So basically, each nail has five dots on it.  How easy is that?

I enjoyed this look for a day, then I wanted to try mattifying it.  Matte topcoat makes holos look cool!  It brings out all the little flecks hidden in there!


Brijits Digits Witching Hour with MASH Matte Topcoat

I hope to see some fun SOLAR ECLIPSE manis as part of the Nail Art Ideas Linkup.  There’s so much room for interpretation with this one.  You could do suns, moons, galaxies, skies… whatever strikes your fancy!  Here are the other SOLAR ECLIPSE manis in the collection:

Solar Eclipse :

November NAIL Widget

27 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse Nails for #NAILLINKUP

    • haha thanks! I freakin love them too and I hope they hold up! Since I’ve made them pointy (3 weeks ago) I’ve had four breakages! But luckily my nails grow fast so I’ve been able to go with the flow so far 🙂

  1. Awesome, I had something similar in mind, with half covered dots, but I was planning mine for the week to come, since my schedule will be busy (I actually did a whole plan for November on my blog posting, hopefully I can stick to it) 😛

  2. I love these, especially the colours you chose!
    And they’re gorgeous mattified. Gorgeous. It makes them look completely different, but so pretty.
    Hehe, my desk is covered with paper doted with suns and crescents and different phases of the eclipse, been experimenting all weekend : ) My mom came in to bring me tea (we’re still afraid I’ll fall down the stairs cause of my cast and break the teapot) and she thought I was insane – the desk looks like Leonardo’s drawings or something.
    I love that theme : D
    Oh, and the eclipse wasn’t visible from London : )

    • yes- the tips break a bit more often 😦 but my nail polish doesn’t chip as much since i don’t have square corners bumping into things. i wonder if i should use my sally hansen nail hardener… or if that will just make them brittle and more likely to crack?

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