GIVEAWAYS GALORE- 3 different giveaways!!

Who’s ready to win some fun nail stuff!?!  I am having a giveaway that ends in a few days.  So are a few of my fave nail bloggers!  So I wanted to share the info with you so you don’t miss your chance to enter these…

1prize collage final copy

1) Craftynail giveaway: enter for free through Oct 11, 2013.  My blog is turning one year old so I want to give my readers some goodies!  I love my blog followers and facebook fans so I hope you all clickety click for a chance to win.  If you’ve never entered a giveaway and have no idea what I’m talkin about then shoot me an email so I can help you enter the raffle!  I am giving away two distinct prizes- some holo nail polishes and some stamping and nail art supplies.   If you already entered my raffle, go ahead and click it again since some of the options are open everyday.  Please click ONE of the links below ……….

USA Raffle

Outside the USA (international) raffle

2) Flight of Whimsy giveaway:  Eva runs a blog called Flight of Whimsy and her giveaway is open through Oct 13, 2013 .  Believe me, you will love Eva’s blog cuz her nail art is rad and she posts daily throughout the week.  Here’s the link to her USA giveaway where she’s raffling off 9 nail polishes…

Eva’s USA Raffle

3) The Nailinator giveaway:  Starting today Rachael announced that she’s giving away a ton of Blooming Nail stuff.  You seriously have to check out her blog called The Nailinator because you will love it (oh and so you can earn a chance to win her awesome prizes, duh)!  Open internationally!  Here’s the link…..

Rachael’s International raffle

My new indie – Witching Hour

I’ve come to the realization that I haven’t tried enough indie polishes.  It’s like a whole other world that I need to explore more.  Nail polish created by extreme nail polish enthusiasts?  YES, please!  So I recently ordered some indies from Brijits Digits Boutique.  She doesn’t franken a lot of over-the-top glitterbombs like a lot of other indie makers.  Of course she has some lovely glitters, but right now Brijit’s Digits offers a lot of hand-blended cremes, shimmers, holographics and even thermals.  I bought this thermal polish from her shop too and I can’t wait to try it!  I’ve also been using her affordable cuticle oil for a few months now and I just love the scent and it’s little roller-ball applicator!

One of the polishes I ordered is a nice deep dark shade that’s perfect for autumn.  It’s called Witching Hour and it’s an eggplant aubergine color with a touch of scattered holo added in.  Witching Hour is so seductive!  To bring out it’s sex appeal I had the bright idea of adding some painted studs.  I transformed some gold studs from Claire’s Boutique by painting them with a couple coats of Witching Hour and then I left them to dry.  I shoulda done a better job at this, because I see some of the gold poking through on the corners of the studs- oopsy!  It still looks hot though!  🙂Witching Hour Indie Polish

Shown here is two coats of Witching Hour.  I applied the painted studs on top while my second coat was still tacky.  Then I slathered on some seche vite topcoat to smooth down the studs.  I did the best I could with my seche topcoat- I am down to the very bottom of my bottle!   How scary!  My amazon order better come soon- I ordered the big mamma jamma 4 oz salon-sized bottle of seche.  Once it comes in the mail I won’t be running out of seche for a long time!  It will be good times.  Here’s another shot of my monochromatic witchy mani…

Brijit's Digits Polish- Witching Hour

I like how the studs look from this side view.  I’m really looking forward to wearing this mani out in the real world tomorrow.  Today it’s a lazy rainy sunday and I will NOT be leaving the house.  Yes, I have hermit tendencies, and i like it. 

brijits etsy shopI love Witching Hour.  It only needed two coats and it dries fast.  It’s a dark vampy shade but it actually looks good on me.  Even though I love dark shades, I feel like they oftentimes make me look pale and pasty.  Not this one though.  It’s very flattering.  It also kinda reminds me of all those holographic A Englands that I’ve been dreaming of for a while now.  And even though it shipped all the way from La France… it got here real quick!  Plus, now I secretly feel fancy since I’m wearing french nail polish.  lol

Hopefully soon I can swatch my thermal from Brijit’s Digits.  It’s getting colder here in NY and I expect some serious thermal activity since my nail bed will be much warmer than my chilly nail tips!  Oh I love thermal!

‘Til next time 🙂

Breast Cancer Awareness Nails

I just read online that if you are over 40 then it’s recommended to get your breasts checked every year.  If you are under age 40 then you need to get them checked every 3 yrs.  This is typically something that your gyno can do quickly when you have a pap exam.  Or you can always ask your general doc if you’re getting a regular physical.  It’s also recommended to do self checks in between.  I was gonna include a nice pictoral of how to do a self breast exam… but the pics had too many nips and I have to keep this G rated.  Instead, here’s a link to a really informative video: Breast Self Exam.

We probably all know that the best detection is available via mammogram.  Not sure how it works in other countries, but in the U.S. mammograms are typically only available if you 1) have insurance or are a zillionaire and can pay out of pocket and 2) are over 40 yrs of age.  I heard that they’re trying to change it to 50 yrs too!  So if we’re under that ‘mammogram age’ then it sounds like we gotta look out for ourselves!  Better check out that video right now!

Oh yeah, I’ve also painted my nails….


I’m wearing Dazzling Pink and 3D Silver which are both holographic 3D Effects polishes by L.A. Girl.  If you like these, I’m giving them away to one lucky winner in my giveaway which runs til Oct 10th, 2013.  <<  You should totally enter!

To make my awareness ribbon I free-hand painted the shape in black nail polish.  While the black was still tacky I carefully positioned some loose glitter on top.  It’s not hard to position glitter- you simply dab a toothpick or dotting tool in a teeny amount of clear polish.  That makes it sticky so you can use it to pick up and then place your glitter.  (I used craft glitter that I got at walmart.)  The glitter looks great against the silver… I love the disco-ball effect!  Oh, I also put one coat of seche vite on top which worked really well to lock down and smooth out my glitter.  Do I neglect to mention topcoat in a lot of my posts?  If so, you should know that I use seche 99.9999% of the time. 🙂


You should do a pink breast cancer awareness mani too!  You have the whole month of October to submit for Nail Art Ideas Linkup.  Here are the links to the other Breast Cancer Awareness Manicures:


MoYou Nail Art Stamps- brand new collection!

Have you heard of MoYou?  MoYou London sells nail stamping plates- but they’re like none you’ve ever seen before.  Unless you’ve seen MoYou plates, then you know exactly what I’m talking about!  😉  I’ll be reviewing some of their plates soon on my blog… but for today I’d like to share the news that MoYou London shared with me:  they’ve got a new Mother Nature collection that comes out on their website on October 4, 2013!  Lucky us gets to see them one day early!

UPDATE ON NOV 3, 2013- You should know that these are on their site listed as PRE-SALE which means that if you buy them now they won’t ship until later.  I ordered 3 plates a week ago (2 pre-sales and one older plate).  My payment went through, but I have not received any correspondence that stated when my order may ship.  I heard that they were anticipating the first week in Nov, so we shall see.

I’m dying to get my hands on this new collection… I love all the fun images hidden in there, especially the cute little mushrooms.  I tried free-hand painting some mushroom nail art once.  Once, and it was an EPIC FAIL.  So someday I dream of doing a WIN mushroom mani.   Plate #03 could be my answer.  I also like the proposal scene on plate #01.  Hopefully I can use that one someday!!  In case he’s reading this..ummmm…no rush…just sayin!  😛

In my opinion, MoYou has some of the best themed collections!  Other brands come out with new individual plates here and there, but MoYou comes out with entire sets of plates! Their collections include Rockstar, Kitty, Rebel, Princess, Time Traveller, and a bunch of other crazysexycool themes.  I heard that the Mother Nature collection was actually suggested by a customer and MoYou really liked the idea.  From the sounds of it, they encourage fans to share their ideas!

If you’re thinking of getting some new plates I’m happy to share a discount code with you today.  Use code SHINY20 to save 20% off your cart at MoYou London 20% off is pretty darn good, I think!  They ship internationally- you just add the items to your cart and then click the option to get a shipping estimate.  I added two plates to my cart and the estimate displayed as 3.02 British Pounds.  I converted it on google and it came out to be a little under $5 USD to ship to New York which isn’t too bad.  AND, if you use the discount code it kinda makes up for the shipping charge.  See what I did there?  I just rationalized spending more money on nail stuffs!

So tell me, have you ever tried MoYou stamps ??

Halloween nail art contest!

Julie from Short & Sweet in Texas is hosting a fb nail art contest for halloween!   The contest goes til Oct 16th and the winner gets a $20 Born Pretty Store gift card!  You should join in!  Here’s all the info! spider_ruffle_nails

For this nail art I hand-painted spiders and webs on 4 fingers using a skinny nail art brush.  On the other fingers I used the RUFFLE technique (see Chalkboard Nails’ dandy ruffle tutorial here) using the largest dotting tool I could find.  Believe me, you’ll want to make big dots or you’ll be sitting there forever dotting and dotting until your mind slips away into halloween madness.  I counted my little dots and there’s 164 dots on one hand.  So 328 altogether!  The last time I did ruffles I used a bigger dotting tool and it seemed to go much quicker, so save yourself the hassle and make BIG DOTS!

Here’s the 4 polishes I used for this halloween spider manicure:

Art Orange  AVON

Liquid Leather China Glaze

Lickety-Split Lime Sally Hansen

I’m a Belieber Nicole by OPI


Make sure to vote for your fave on the Short & Sweet in Texas facebook page.  The pic with the most LIKES wins the prize!  Wish me luck in the contest!