Happy Halloween!

Here’s a gallery of all the halloween manicures that I did for 2013!

I still haven’t tried free-hand painting flying bats.  And I sorta wanted to do some vampire fangs dripping with blood.  I guess there’s always next year!

Are you dressing up for halloween this year?  Or do you not celebrate?

15 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. I love sooo much the little sugar spun mummies, I think is my favourite nail design of the Halloween series ^-^
    By the way, I’m not celebrating it… I’m at home with flu. I don’t even need to dress up, I’ve already my costume: I’m a giant virus :S
    Have a great day and have fun

  2. I have a soft spot for these spooky eyes, so cute : ))
    I’m waiting for trick or treaters, very excited, I’ve always had to leave London for October, so yeah : )
    I’ve considered dressing up as Ironman and painting my air cast red, but then I thought, knowing my luck I’ll fall down and with the full on body armour of Iron Man, I’ll surely break another something. So no.
    But my pumpkinsy nails are fun too!

  3. All your spooky manicures look awesome! I think my favorite is the mummy mani 🙂
    My husband and I are going to see Evil Dead: The Musical tonight so I’m planning on doing a blood splatter manicure later today.

      • They really did it up right – they did the hand scene, they had the singing moose, and they had a “splatter zone” up by the stage where the audience got sprayed with fake blood. We were sitting about 5 rows back and we even got a little splattered! It was a great night.

  4. Those sugar spun mummies are amazing. I love them!!!! I actually did not do anything last night nor did I dress up. I wasn’t planning on giving out any candy and that turned out great since I didn’t even have any kids stop by.

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