visions boards and red nail polish

Let’s talk about VISION BOARDS, or Dream Boards as they are often called.  These boards are supposed to help you harness the power of the ‘law of attraction’ and basically if you think positive thoughts, then they will come true.   Have you ever tried this?  Well, I did.  I even read the book The Secret about five years ago so I could learn more about the law of attraction before I started my very own vision board.  Eventually I put together a board and I’ve had it for more than 5 years now.  I’ve updated and revised it a few times already since then.  Well, this past weekend I realized that a couple of years have gone by without me tweaking my board.  So I decided to re-vamp it and I wound up removing 6 things from it.  I was thinking of adding more things to it now, but is it even worth it??  Out of the 6 things I removed from my board, only one thing came true!  The others things are outdated, never happened, won’t ever happen, etc.  I look at the board everyday too… it’s right next to my bed.  WTH?

I like to stay positive and open-minded, but I really don’t think these boards work.  If you are planning to use one to attract a hot man, win the lottery, or build your dreamhouse…think again.  But if you want to use it to motivate yourself to achieve a few little things, then it could be helpful, especially if those things are within your control.  I accomplished a few things that I put on there over the years, but they really weren’t biggies.  I’m still not fitting into my old jeans, growing an herb garden, wearing sexy cowboy boots, going to bed by midnight, or waking up by 7am…. so whatevs!

While we’re talking about wishes and dreams… I want to mention red nail polish.  I never wear it.  I realized that in my year of blogging I have never posted a red manicure.  Ever!  (I should put red polish on my vision board!)  I gravitate towards blues, greens, and generally funky and bright colors.  But why no red?  For starters, I dress very casual, and I think maybe I perceive that polished red nails would clash with my outfits?  Yoga pants and fancy red nails don’t really jive well together, ya know?  I also think red makes my skin look pale.  BUT… I vow to get over it!  I solemnly swear to hereby wear more red nail polish.  Which means I need to buy more, right?  So I recently added some reds to my stash and the first one I tested out was a creme Essence Colour & Go polish called Fame Fatal.  Shown here is one coat of SH Maximum Growth, two coats of Fame Fatal and one coat of seche vite.

Fame Fatal

I didn’t really like it too much while I was wearing it….but now that I look at the pics- I like this red on me!  You may notice that my hand looks different too.  Yup, that’s my right hand.  Cute, huh?  My poor left hand that I usually photograph experienced a break so I’m showing you my other hand instead.  These pointy nails are a little tricky.  I’ve actually broken two tips in the last few days so I had to shorten my pointies.  Now they look like little shark teeth.  haha!  I’m wondering how long I can keep these pointies going?  If the tips keep cracking off I might have to go back to a more squoval shape.  Boooo.  😦 Cuz I really am having fun with them.

Essence red

Do you wear a lot of red?

18 thoughts on “visions boards and red nail polish

  1. Still loving your nail shape, but boo if they keep breaking. Red… red is one of the few colours I have issues with … the negative connotations of it. Which I am getting past very fast because it’s an awesome colour, and does go with everything. I prefer the vampy dark shimmery reds though. 🙂

  2. Boo the breaking pointies!
    I’m EXACTLY the same about red polish, I never wear it, I feel boring when I do. Which was once.
    Im into greens (my favourite) and blues. Hehe, I feel like red washes my skin out too.
    But I agree, it might have something to do with how we dress – I never wear red lipstick because it feels silly with my outfits. I don’t really analyse my clothing style or whatever, but if it feels wrong, hey. : )
    My favourite green nails look right and awesome with my uni exams pencil skirt and my odd everyday dresses : )

  3. I never wear red because…. well actually I have no idea why. People tell me I look great in it but I feel like it doesn’t go well with my skin tone (I am very light african american). But since joining the nail community I’m trying a lot of new colors. I do try to put a little art on it – maybe dots or strips- instead of wearing just red because I am a very casual dresser as well.
    I love your nail shape a lot but if it’s causing issues then do what is best for your nails. Love your positive attitude. I was going to try a vision board but I decided to write down all the things I wanted to do and read it everyday. But unfortunately like you I have not accomplished a lot of the items. UGHHHH LOL
    Take care!

  4. I do tend to wear a lot of red and I love it. The first polish that started my obsession is a red: OPI Vodka & Caviar so how can I not love the color? I always think that red is a powerful color so maybe I have a little pep to my step when I wear reds. Who knows? I do think that this color looks great on you so you should definitely try other reds. Regarding vision boards: I’ve never tried doing that mostly because I don’t think they work because looking at something every day isn’t really going to motivate me. If anything, it will annoy me as I see time pass by and I’m still in the same place–you know?

  5. I have to confess I’m a bit of a red fan. It’s one of my go to colours (along with pink) when I haven’t got time to do any nail art. The only downside is removal as it goes everywhere and my hands look like I’ve been in an abattoir all day! Sorry to hear about your snafu hon.

    I whole heartedly agree with the others, that red looks lovely on you! Wear it with pride hon! Oh and I’ve never heard of vision boards before. Them seem to me to be like an analogue version of pinterest hehe 🙂

  6. I love your unique pointies 🙂 I must have just absolutely awful nutrition or something because my nails are so weak – they break no matter what shape I make them!


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