Double-stamped nails!

Hey ya’ll- I’m over here having fun with my new MoYou plates! I reviewed one of their plates and stampers in my last post, and I had to pull them out again for more stamping fun. This time, I had double fun! Have you ever tried stamping the same image onto your nails TWICE? Well, that’s what I did and the results look wicked! Check it out!
moyou plate mani

For this look I am wearing a basecoat, three coats of Blue Flame from Brijits Digits Boutique and seche vite topcoat.  I wore this beautiful blue polish for three days (no chips!) until I decided to spice it up with some double stamping effect!  On day number four I stamped a shimmery white polish called Ginessa by Zoya using my MoYou London Pro Plate 5 XL stamping plate.  Then I used that same plate but stamped China Glaze Liquid Leather (black) over top of that.  The designs didn’t match up, which makes it look cooler I think.  I like how they overlap!  It sorta looks like the bottom of a swimming pool. 🙂

double stamped blue nails

Wanna see what Brijit’s Blue Flame polish looks like before I stamped over it?  It has a lovely jelly quality to it and it’s bluer than blue.  I love how blue it is!  It took three coats to get to this opacity and so far I am very happy with it’s durability.  I’m on day four with no chips yet!  Look at what a live wire this polish is! Yowzer!!!!!!

brijits digits blue indie

Blue Flame is on clearance now at Brijit’s Etsy shop!

Have you ever tried double stamping?  If not, do it to it! 

23 thoughts on “Double-stamped nails!

  1. That’s a gorgeous shade of blue!

    I’ve double stamped before, but I overlapped them just slightly to make a sort of relief effect. Love what you did, my first thought before reading was too that it looks like the bottom of a swimming pool.

    • Thanks doll! I’m loving this blue! I am proud to say that I inadvertently helped name this polish too 🙂 I commented on the color saying that it looks like when a flame gets so hot it turns blue. And Brijit agreed. hehe 🙂

  2. Uuuuuuh. I like em : D
    And again, made awesomer (is that… Ah, whatever.), made AWESOMER by your pointies.
    I’ve been double stamping today actually, with lip images, cute, they look like 3D shadows or something.

  3. oooohhhhhh! That base color is so pretty and I’m diggin’ your nail shape. I have been contemplating changing my nail shape but I think I’m too chicken to do it. I have no problems chopping off all my hair but I am scared to change my nail shape….go figure! lol

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