MoYou London XL plate and stamper review

*these products were provided to me by MoYou London for review

My nails are long at times so the sizing of nail stamping images is crucial to me.  I’m happy to show you a plate today that’s perfect for long nails!  It’s called MoYou Pro Plate Collection – 05 XL.  It’s important to know that there are two versions of this plate.  The original plate and the new-fandangled XL plate.  From what I hear, customers were asking for larger designs which prompted MoYou to re-create some of their products.  Hence, my pro plate XL was born!   I also chose to try out their large size stamper and scraper set since it was designed to work great with the XL plates.

xl stamper

Let’s look at the large size stamp & scraper set first.  It comes with two plastic scrapers.  This is new for me since I’m used to using metal scrapers which seem to scratch up the surface of my plates.  I really like the idea of plastic scrapers instead. →UPDATE 5 months after writing this review:  I never use the plastic scrapers anymore.  My old metal konad scrapers work better in my opinion.  Yes, the metal scratches the plates,  but they make for cleaner scrapes.

As for the stamper, it’s two-sided.  The small pink side is hard which is good for small intricate stamps.  Whereas the large white end is nice and big and squishy.  It’s definitely a lot larger, softer, stickier and more cushy than my old trusty Konad stamper.  In fact, it’s so sticky you can see some fuzz and cat hair stuck to the stamper in my pics.  This initially annoyed me a lot.  But after cleaning it with an acetone soaked pad I found that any little residual pieces of fuzz did not deter from the stamping quality.  I will have to get over the fact that the squishy end is hard to clean all the way.  BUT, on the bright side, it grabbed the designs off my XL plate like a real champ!  You won’t have to press down hard to pick up the design, or to transfer it to your nails.  This is handy for two reasons: 1 its less effort and 2 you can stamp on top of a base color that isn’t necessarily dry yet!  I tried two different manicures with this plate and stamper and both had two coats of color that were not entirely dry… but no worries.  The nice squishy stamper dropped the design onto my nail with ease.  Usually with my Konad stamper I have to press real hard to get the design to hit the far edges of my very curved nails… and when you press hard like that you hafta make sure that your base color is dry or else the mani will get all flubbed up.  Well, with my large MoYou stamper I barely applied any pressure, the design reached all areas of my nail with ease, and my still-wet base colors were unharmed.  One thing to note- save the big squishy end of the MoYou stamper for large designs, and use the small end for smaller designs.  I had better luck that way since the big end didn’t transfer tiny designs well.  Overall, I’m very happy to have this new large size stamper.  It is my go-to stamper for full-nail designs now.  Don’t press hard and you’ll see it works well.

xl stamper from moyou

Moving on to my Pro Plate 05 XL.  It comes wrapped in a plastic sleeve and has the typical blue peel-off film to protect the surface.  I really love the designs on this one.  They are well etched and sufficiently large enough for long or wide nails.  I measured them to be 15mm x 21mm which is bigger than any other brand plate that I own (see my size comparison of other brands right here).   Each plate also has a hard plastic base attached to the back of it which makes it feel nice and sturdy and gives the plate nice smooth corners. Shown below is pro plate 05 XL before I removed the packaging.

pro plate 05 xl

You can see that this #05 plate gives you 12 XL images.   The comparable non-XL plate is labeled #03 and has 18 designs on it.  So by choosing the XL you lose a few images, but if they fit your nails better then it’s probably worth it.

So are you ready to see my first attempt at MoYou stamping?

moyou pro 05 manicure

It’s a mixmatch/skittles mani so you can see some of the different stamps from the plate.   I really like using a cream base with a shimmery stamp, or a shimmer base with a cream stamp just to pump up the level of contrast a little bit.  I think the peacock nail may be my fave.  I applied two different blue Butter Londons to that design and when I scraped it off they blended a little bit, but for the most part it worked well to create two different colored feathers.  As for the other nails, the green snakeskin was stamped on using Sinful Colors magnetic nail polish, and the zebra was stamped with black konad  polish.  All of the polishes I used seemed to stamp well with this plate.  Since I usually stamp with Konad special polish… I was happy to see such great results using MoYou plates and regular ol’ nail lacquer.

pro plate stamp

My second manicure is a wood grain design.  This wood stamp is what really excited me when I saw a pic of the plate online.  I just love the idea of making my nails look like organic materials… plus, my dad is a woodworker so I have a fondness for that kinda stuff.  I’ve been wearing this manicure for three days now and I just love it.  The brown hues are muted so you don’t even notice the design at first glance.  But if you do a double-take you’ll see the cool wood grain appear.

wood grain moyou

I used two coats of Zoya Pandora which is a nude shade and while it was still pretty tacky, I stamped some black Konad polish and regular brown polish over top.  Again, I was thrilled that my wet polish didn’t get smushed by my nice new stamper.  The black looked kind of stark against the nude though, so I sponged some brown over top to mute the appearance of the grain. The results are a subtle but unique manicure and I love it.

wood nail art

I’m thrilled with my XL pro plate.  I didn’t have any issues with application and I never messed up even one of my nails.  I also received another plate called Back to the 60’s -01 from the Time Traveller Collection.  I will have to show that to you soon!

I’m really excited about all the plates that MoYou London carries and they keep pumping out fresh collections all the time.  If you’d like to see more MoYou London goodies you can visit them online at  Just know if you buy a plate labeled as PRE-SALE or LATE SHIPPING then it will not ship til a later date.  Make sure to use code SHINY20 to save a generous 20% off your cart until Nov 1st, 2013. 

54 thoughts on “MoYou London XL plate and stamper review

  1. I love the look of that stamper, I ordered some of the MoYou plates and the design didn’t seem to transfer as well using my usual Konad stamper so might have to invest in one of these!

  2. I might need to go buy one of those stampers now. I have the same problem with waiting for base coats to dry before stamping. And the peacock nail is gorgeous!

  3. Your nails look amazing, Jacqui! I can’t decide if I like the wood grain or the skittles mani more! I definitely need at least one of these plates in my collection.

  4. Haha, I got that stamper too, a few days ago, and had the same issue. The squishy end is so sticky. And it surprised me, cause it doesn’t really impair the stamping, buy my OCD definitely kicked in and the tiniest threads from my wool skirt stuck to it nearly drove me insane. But you’re right, acetone works, and the squishiness is worth the OCD battle.
    I looove those manis. I’m stalking Moyou, don’t have any of their images, but I’m thinking of it. The Time Traveller (awaiting your review ;)) and Tourist Collections are insane. I’m glad it stamps well, cause I was worried about the etching on those plates.
    And you know what? I’ve seen that animal print on a few manis, and yours was honestly the first where I went: OMG. There’s a zebra staring right at me.
    I think your pointie gave her a chin.
    Love the woody fingers, you’re so lucky to have been sent those for review 🙂

    • I never really tried regular polishes until recently. They worked good on this plate. I used to use konad polish but i’m glad i branched out. On this mani i used blue butter londons, green magnetic polish, and black konad polish.

      • Ok, so you started learning with the “proper stuff”. I may have to invest in some stamping polish, then. I bought some stamping plates months ago, but I didn’t know they made special polish for them! I’ve made multiple attempts at stamping that were all big fails – nothing even close to as lovely and clean looking as yours!

  5. Stamping will always be my #1 love because that was the first nail art-y thing that I ever did that I felt I did well enough to actually take pictures off. That was AFTER I learned not to get polish on my knuckles when painting my nails, of course. I experimented with a lot of brands with good results but I’ve hesitated on getting these large plates mostly because I want to be able to put them in my organizer for round plates. lol I also find myself needing larger images (width) because the curve on my nails makes most images be too small.

    • no way! i got it for free from them. i ordered three plates on sunday but it doesn’t look like my order has shipped yet… one might’ve been a pre-sale, so maybe they are holding my whole order til it’s available? bummer.

  6. Helli Jacqui, I know this is an old post, but I really hope you read my comment, I got the XL stamper and it’s not wroking. It’s not picking anything at all. I’m not new to stamping. I own 5 different stampers,and loads of plates, and special nail polish and also nail polish that are known for stamping great. I never had a problem staming, and now with this stamper… gee I can’t make it work. I’ve done the rubber trick, but It still doesn’t work… I can’t believe your review the stamping looks so awesome. But mmm you don’t seem to show pictures where you pick the images with your xl stamper, which is weird for a review on a stamper… don’t you think?

    • What a bummer!
      I haven’t even picked up my old konad stamper in the last month. I’ve been using my moyou stamper instead and it works great for me. I’ve tried it with a variety of polishes like konad, zoya, butter london etc…. I dont clean it after every stamp. Instead immediately stamp it on paper to remove the residual polish then move on to the next nail ( i dont know if that makes a difference)
      a few things i have noticed… i dont need to press as hard with the moyou stamper…i use light pressure to pick up and transfer the image. Also… the more i use their plastic scrapers the less i like them. Even though the metal scrapers leave scratches i think they work a little better.

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    • HeyCath! You’re right! They mustve just changed their styling! Their stamper looks totally different! Now i wanna try that one out. It looks like the small side is silicone now too which sounds good .. the one i have has a really hard pink surface and to be honest… i never use the small side.
      I wanna try this grey one out now!

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