Breast Cancer Awareness Nails

I just read online that if you are over 40 then it’s recommended to get your breasts checked every year.  If you are under age 40 then you need to get them checked every 3 yrs.  This is typically something that your gyno can do quickly when you have a pap exam.  Or you can always ask your general doc if you’re getting a regular physical.  It’s also recommended to do self checks in between.  I was gonna include a nice pictoral of how to do a self breast exam… but the pics had too many nips and I have to keep this G rated.  Instead, here’s a link to a really informative video: Breast Self Exam.

We probably all know that the best detection is available via mammogram.  Not sure how it works in other countries, but in the U.S. mammograms are typically only available if you 1) have insurance or are a zillionaire and can pay out of pocket and 2) are over 40 yrs of age.  I heard that they’re trying to change it to 50 yrs too!  So if we’re under that ‘mammogram age’ then it sounds like we gotta look out for ourselves!  Better check out that video right now!

Oh yeah, I’ve also painted my nails….


I’m wearing Dazzling Pink and 3D Silver which are both holographic 3D Effects polishes by L.A. Girl.  If you like these, I’m giving them away to one lucky winner in my giveaway which runs til Oct 10th, 2013.  <<  You should totally enter!

To make my awareness ribbon I free-hand painted the shape in black nail polish.  While the black was still tacky I carefully positioned some loose glitter on top.  It’s not hard to position glitter- you simply dab a toothpick or dotting tool in a teeny amount of clear polish.  That makes it sticky so you can use it to pick up and then place your glitter.  (I used craft glitter that I got at walmart.)  The glitter looks great against the silver… I love the disco-ball effect!  Oh, I also put one coat of seche vite on top which worked really well to lock down and smooth out my glitter.  Do I neglect to mention topcoat in a lot of my posts?  If so, you should know that I use seche 99.9999% of the time. 🙂


You should do a pink breast cancer awareness mani too!  You have the whole month of October to submit for Nail Art Ideas Linkup.  Here are the links to the other Breast Cancer Awareness Manicures:


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