Zoya Frida Swatches

Frida is a sheer teal jelly from the Fall 2012 Gloss collection.  Yes, it’s from last fall, but I don’t care since I’m loving fall right now!  The crisp air, the cool mornings… it makes me so happy and also kinda reminiscent.  I can’t quite explain why, but fall makes me feel all warm and fuzzy about the past.  So today I’m more than happy to wear an old fall release.   Here’s how Zoya describes Frida: A sheer, dark, warm-toned teal blue with a buildable jelly gloss finish. The jelly gloss formula can be worn alone or layered to create an endless variety of custom colors and effects.


I’ve been longing for this polish (or any part of this collection!) since they came out last year.  Well lucky me!  Julie, aka Short & Sweet in Texas, just sent me this polish in a swap.  Yeah!!!

As you can see it’s very sheer.  I could’ve done more coats, but I thought I’d bask in it’s teal translucence!  Still, I was a little curious to see how the jelly would build up, so I did a couple nails with 3 thin coats, and a couple with 2 thick coats.  Surprisingly, you can’t tell which are which!  So I vote for two thicker coats!

This last photo below was taken in the bright sun.  You can really see how transparent it is here!  And extremely glossy too!  I’m not even wearing topcoat with Frida and look at how shiny it is!


So what do you think of this kind of polish?  Would you flaunt Frida or would it annoy you to have visible nail line?

23 thoughts on “Zoya Frida Swatches

  1. I’m a total VNL-aphobe! So personally I wouldn’t wear it like this. It is a lovely color though and I would totally wear it with layering. I wih we had fall weather over here. I still enjoy hearing about the change where you are. 🙂

    • It’s funny that you’re a VNL a phobe! You have such nice long nails, your VNL would look awesome! hahah
      But that’s part of the problem I think. The longer they get, the more the VNL shines through…

  2. I have this polish and I have a funny story with it too. I brought it along with me on one of my weekend getaways because I had no time to do my nails at home so I was going to do them once I got to my destination. I had confused Frida with Cynthia because they both looked the same color and Cynthia is a creme polish. So as I’m putting on the polish I’m on my 5th coat and I said to myself why is Cynthia so jelly?! Then I looked at the name and did a face palm xD My boyfriend even found it funny because he realized it way before I did. *sighsss hahas but I do love the color very much! It’s my one and only jelly polish too!

  3. I love this one! Jellies/VNL don’t bother me, mostly because my nails are usually so short, it doesn’t matter.
    And I totally agree with you about Autumn, it makes me so nostalgic and reminiscent! If I smelled a pile of leaves, I’d instantly be transported back to any number of leaf-pile situations.

  4. It’s a lovely colour and perfect for the Fall!
    I wouldn’t wear it on its own, I’m undecided on the visible nail line look on me, but I think it would be amazing for glitter sandwiches! 🙂

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