Nail Art Ideas Linkup (NAIL)- Sand Theme


Today I’m sharing my SAND-inspired manicure for our Nail Art Ideas Linkup for August.  Sand makes me think of my beige bottle of Zoya Pixie Dust called Godiva.  The textured finish really reminds me of beaches so this was a great choice for this theme.  To jazz up my Godiva I paired it with some NCLA Nail Wraps called Ally En Vogue..  These wraps were provided to me by Nail Polish Canada and I reviewed another set of them back in May- Jazzy Nail Wraps.  I painted 6 of my nails with Godiva and covered the other 4 in the NCLA wraps.  Here’s a better shot of the wraps…


I’m enjoying wearing Godiva while on my vacay- it’s holding up better than my other polishes were.  Much less chips.  The nail wraps didn’t last that long, they started peeling rather quickly, but I like the look of them….I have no idea why the pic below keeps showing up sideways…. but I have plans to go see our friend Amanda in WA and I don’t have time to fiddle with the photo editor!  lol


If you’d like to join in on Nail Art Ideas Linkup here’s the info!

N.A.I.L. Theme 3 – Sand :

23 thoughts on “Nail Art Ideas Linkup (NAIL)- Sand Theme

    • Thanks! I woulda preferred the wraps on long nails because they have that cool pointy design. Mine are super short right now.. but they will bounce back! Hope yours are coming along nicely!

      • Mine are growing slow but it’s a start 😀
        Still, I don’t think yours are super short. You’re just used to longer nails, as I do too. So I had the same feeling when I filled mine down. They will be back, that’s a fact 😀
        Enjoy NY sweetie and get back safely!

  1. I love the combination of textures and patterns!! It’s such a delicate mani 🙂 I hope I can get a Pixie Dust someday, the’re so gorgeous!

    • Originally I was bummed out that I can’t really use seche to quicken the drying time.. so I need to wait in between the coats to let them dry naturally (3 coats for this one). But I put this stuff on on wednesday, and it’s sunday now, and it’s still holding tough! For me, that’s long wear-time!

      • Wow that’s a nice wear-time! That’s the thing with textured polishes, I hate not wearing top coat because it feels like it’ll ruin in no time!

  2. Wow Crafty I was waiting for yours! Yeaaah here they are! And as alway so gorgeous! Godiva is such a beauty. And I love how the nailwraps look on you. Your nails aren’t that short at all sweetie! I find them very classy at the moment.

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