Size Comparison of Top Stamping Plates

I love using stamping plates for nail designs… but there’s a lot of brands out there to choose from.  When I’m on the market for a new plate my main question is how big are their designs? It’s hard to locate sizing information online since most product descriptions do not include dimensions.  So I’ve put together a nice little comparison of four top brands: Konad, Cheeky, Bundle Monster and Mash!stamping_plates_comparison

My nails are relatively long so I’m always looking for plates with long designs.  Some of you may have wide nails and the width of each stamp may be important to you.  So I’ve included the dimensions (in millimeters) on each photo below.   All dimensions are listed as width times length (W x L).  Keep in mind that brands may change their plates over time so I’ve included the specific plate names/model numbers for your reference.  Let’s get to the comparison!


KONAD↑ To my surprise, Konad has the smallest designs of all four plates- both in width and length!  These stamps generally cover most of my other nails if I position them carefully, but you can see it doesn’t cover much of my thumb!  Something else I noticed about Konad is that their sizing may not be consistent.   Although most of them are sized like the one in my photo, one my other plates has a full-nail design that’s even shorter than this one.  Konad was the first brand of stamping products I used when I first started getting into nail art, but now that I line them up and compare- Konad doesn’t really impress me!


CHEEKY ↑  Cheeky plates have big designs!   Something to note is that they are shaped with a curve on one end for french manicures or halfmoons.  If you use it for a halfmoon then you’d be able to take advantage of more of its length, which is 20mm.  That’s really long!  But if you want to use it as a full-nail stamp then you’d only have 17mm of length to work with.  But still, that’s really good!  (The photo above was used as a full-nail stamp and it almost covered the length of my thumb.)  I also want to note that Cheeky plates have wider designs than the other three brands.  I heard they make jumbo-sized plates too, but I don’t own any of them.


BUNDLE MONSTER ↑ Bundle Monster designs are relatively big.  They’re larger than Konad but a tad smaller than Cheeky.  I have however seen BM plates that have smaller designs than this one.  So this brand may not be consistent with sizing either.  Also, I think that perhaps the BM plates aren’t etched very deeply?  Because the stamp in this photo came out kind of faint.  I dunno- they’re not my fave.


MASH ↑ Mash plates are relatively small.  They’re only one step up from Konad.  This was my first time using a Mash plate and it works ok, not much to say here really!

MY PICK: My top pick is Cheeky!  I do have a bit more cleanup when I use Cheeky plates since their designs are wide, but I like their length.  And it’s cool that they give you the flexibility for frenchies or halfmoons!  I haven’t tried them that way yet since I’m afraid they’ll come out crooked,  but it’s nice to have that option!  Also, the whole metal plate itself is larger than the other three brands.  You can see in my first photo that the Cheeky plate looks giant next to the other ones!  This Cheeky plate was part of a summer 2012 collection, but I hope all of their plates are this big.  When it comes to stamping, bigger is always better, don’t you think?

So what do you think of this comparison and was it helpful for you?  What’s your experience with stamping?

27 thoughts on “Size Comparison of Top Stamping Plates

  1. I’ve noticed that the Bundle Monster designs come in two widths, with no rhyme or reason as to why one series is wide and another isn’t. It is a bit irksome.

    Great idea for a post!

  2. You are my hero for putting together this post! ❤ I've been using the same set of Shany stamping plates for awhile and have realized along the way that the designs are just too small for my thumb nails 😦 I've never heard of Cheeky until now, I'm definitely going to secure myself some plates!

    Thanks again! 🙂

  3. Great post! This is always something I want to find out before purcasing plates, but not every website lists the sizes :/
    I have the Cheeky Princess set, and those are a lot smaller than the summer collection sadly

  4. great post! I own mostly BM, Konad and essence plates. Most of the time I prefer the BM plates, the Konad designs are indeed smaller. I do not have any engraving issues. Sometimes especcially with the imation plates it can be helpfull to scrape of the polish in a different angle.

  5. Great idea for a post and I’m glad you did this. I was thinking of going for Konad but now it’s a definite no for me (my nails aren’t very long yet, but since the plate is long – it’s 21mm of surface to cover at least in length). I have some random plates atm, I just checked and most have the same size as Konad and then there’re some supersized designs 😛

  6. Seriously though, why don’t they all make them bigger??! This is a great post, thank you! I just got a DRK-A Large Stamping Plate in the mail today from that I’m going to try tonight. They measure 18×21. I hope they turn out!

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