Kaboom Nails

Today I’m showing you a glitter polish that I got at Walmart a few months back.  It’s called Kaboom by Salon Perfectkaboom_salon_perfect_glitter

I started with a coat of Nail Envy and then a nice opaque coat of light blue called Take Me To Your Chateau by Color Club.  Then I applied my Kaboom glitter topper which has very tiny matte glitters in green and neon yellow.  I expected the glitter to spread better since the pieces are so small, but I had to do a second coat to eliminate bald spots around the corners of my nails.  It dries kinda bumpy and my one VERY thick coat of seche vite didn’t quite smooth it enough.  I skipped the glitter on my accent nail and instead I hand painted a chevron tip with Orly Gumdrop (using the bottle brush that came with it).  Then I made ten dots of yellow using AVON Inspire.  I think it came out cool.


As far as Salon Perfect nail polish goes- the bottle says ‘Professional Nail Lacquer’.  Well, I don’t know about all that!  I bought two bottles that day, and the first one I tried chipped like crazy (it was a neon color called Flamingo Flair). Then, today’s Kaboom had a defective slanted brush.  Instead of being straight or round… the brush tip was angled which made application difficult.  I’m not too impressed.  For $3.98 I think I can find a better quality polish.  Even still, I’m not completely disappointed with my purchase.  The look of this matte glitter is unique to my stash…so at least there’s that!  Here’s a closeup of Kaboom.↓


UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!  This nail polish started lifting off my nail within 8 hours of wear.  So, now I can positively say that this brand of nail polish really falls short.  The glitter just peeled right off in big sheets.  The accent nails without the Salon Perfect were just fine and had no peeling.  But there’s something in the Salon Perfect formula that just makes the polish lift right off my nails!!  I have since found my walmart receipt and I will be returning both bottles.  Good thing for their 90 day return policy!

Have you tried any polishes that disappointed you big time??  Most polishes are comparable in quality- it’s rare to find one that stinks this bad!

31 thoughts on “Kaboom Nails

  1. I am SO glad you’re returning these! I love to return s#itty products and get me precious money back. I DID like the look of that glitter, so thank you for testing it out for us!

  2. Those mat glitters look fun but it’s so bad when a nail polishes can’t last for so long. I’ve had “life” problems before but with mat ones and this often happens.
    Another thing I can’t stand is the sheerness (can we call it in this way?) of a nail polish. This fact makes me crazy!
    Have a nice day ^-^

  3. i painted my toes with this exact polish and used Duri Rejuvacote as the base and Seche Vite as the top coat and had no problems, no lifting at all.

      • Ack! Lol…my latest one was that my boyfriend was taking a really sudsy, beautiful bubble bath (fully clothed) with his old buddy from college. I didn’t even know where to go with that one.

        Glad I come to mind when weirdness strikes, though. That’s totally me in real life 🙂

  4. The nails look great, but it’s too bad the polish didn’t work for you! Salon Perfect is made by the same people that make China Glaze (and a lot of the colors and formulas are the same), so I would have expected better results!

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