Black and White Underside Mani

Today I’ve got a funky manicure for you- I like to call it my ‘underside mani’ where I paint the underside of my nails.  I’ve done this look before with studs and Louboutin-style… but never with hand-painted nail art!  Today’s the day to try that!


For this look I started with a couple coats of L.A. Girl Black Illusion on top and underneath my nail tip.  This encapsulated my nails so they looked black from every direction. 🙂   Then I painted some whites stripes in a bold pattern on the underside of my nails.  My nails are very curved so it was difficult to make the lines look perfect, or maybe I just need some practice.  I also added some tiny red rhinestones to spice it up a little….and some seche vite topcoat to help it all dry quickly.  I think this is so funky and fun!  What do you think of my underside mani?  Crazy cool, or just crazy?

48 thoughts on “Black and White Underside Mani

  1. Yey!!!! Awesome, and guess what, I finally have long enough ish nail to try this ut myself!! Ca’t wait:) Can I try do a design like you? Would you like to see that? It would have to be an easy one of course, maybe polka dots?? 🙂 Never thought of doing anything besides red, Oh, I am excited now :)!

    • Why don’t you then ??? 🙂
      Do you have any of those pointy qtips? I paint the underside carefully- then take a pointy qtip and roll it back and forth on my fingertip and it picks up any stray polish that may have touched my skin. Works great!

  2. This looks so awesome! I’ve always wondered how to do underside nail painting (without making a gigantic mess anyway). You should make a tutorial 😀

    • Oh really? Hahaha… the first time I was weirded out because dirt shows up more… but now I just LOVE IT! It’s more fun nail art to look at- on the top and bottom!

  3. You. Are. Awesome.

    I really love this and I’ve considered a contrasting color on the underside but never ART!! I may just have to try painting the underside on my current mani…

  4. In a sense I’m like “but no one will see this” and then, for the most part, I love it because it’s like a secret mani and I’d be secretly taking peeks at it and admiring it. I love it and I’m now jealous I don’t grow my nails long 😦

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