Day 29 of OMD Challenge- Missoni Fashion

hbz-Missoni-pf13-3-lgnToday is FASHION DAY in the OMD Nail Art Challenge!  Warning- I am not a fashionista.  My favorite shoes are Crocs if that gives you any indication of my personal fashion sense!  LOL  But in the OMD spirit I started scouring the web for the latest in fashion trends.  I stumbled upon this slideshow- Best Looks From Pre-Fall 2013 on Harper’s  This one Missoni dress caught my eye (source: .  If I was thin and/or rich I might wear this one.  What I like most is it’s unexpected combo of blue, black and orange.

I didn’t try to replicate the Missoni design when I was creating this manicure.  Mostly I used the dress for inspiration and loose interpretation :).  This mani was actually pretty easy!  I free-handed the stripes with a detail brush and also made some dots with a dotting tool.  It looked so cool before I put the black dots on too.  I almost wish I stopped there.  But oh well, I’m still really happy with this look!  I like how muted and murky the orange looks against the bright blue!  What do you think of it?


Here’s what I’m wearing…..

Blue ♥ Keks by Butter London (so vivid!)

Orange ♥ Orange Creamsicle by AVON (with a drop of black mixed in to darken it)

Black ♥ NYC Black Lace Creme


29. Inspired by Fashion :

21 thoughts on “Day 29 of OMD Challenge- Missoni Fashion

  1. You have such a talent for doing nails, your designs always look amazing! You so make me feel like I fail at life 😛 xx

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