Big Brother 15 Nails! for day 28 of the July Nail Challenge

For any BB15 fans that come across this article- I’m hosting a nail art challenge with Brijit and Eeeek this July!  Today is DAY 28 of our challenge and the theme is INSPIRED BY A TV SHOW.  Since I had to paint my nails with a tv show theme today- I naturally chose my absolute fave tv show of all time- Big Brother US Right now season 15 of BB is full swing!  And my two favorite BB15 cast members are Amanda and McCrae– so this mani is for you guys!  I hope you win!


I printed a couple pics of these two love birds from the CBS BB15 website and trimmed them with scissors to fit my nails.  Then I put on a healthy coat of Revlon Quick Dry Topcoat and slapped those babies right on my nails.  I had to squish the pics down on my nails for a few seconds to make sure they were secure.  This worked pretty well since the quick dry topcoat dried fast and acted as a glue.  (BTW- I tried the newspaper nails technique using photos printed on printer paper- TOTAL FAIL. So if you ever wondered whether newspaper nails works with printer paper- it doesn’t.)

I painted my other nails in bright colors and added cool stamps to bring Amanda and McCrae some good luck!  My pointer finger is painted with Elephantastic Pink by OPI and I stamped some hearts on top to bring them some good love vibes.  My pinkie finger is painted green with Orly Jealous, Much? and I stamped some dollar signs on top in hopes that they’ll win the big money prize at the end!

Do you watch BB15 ?  And what do you think of my Amanda and McCrae nails?


It’s not too late to join in on our nail challenge- it will be open til Aug 5th 2013.  More info here!  Check out the other TV show inspired nails below….

28. Inspired by a TV Show :


17 thoughts on “Big Brother 15 Nails! for day 28 of the July Nail Challenge

  1. Great job, btw I’ve tried the newspaper technique with printer paper also. It kind of works but from my experience – only for patterns, text and such that is printed in black only. Haven’t managed to get any pictures like that onto my nails.

  2. I’m planning on printing out pictures to put on my nails too. I was planning on using the newspaper technique so I’m glad I read this. Do you think it would work if I just used a top coat and stuck them on like you did?

    • I tried sticking origami paper with just topcoat once- totally didn’t work. But that kinda paper is thick and kinda smooth. The printer paper stuck fine with a quickdry topcoat though. I didn’t topcoat it afterwards though- so when I washed my hands it got all mushy LOL
      I have tried newspaper nails with different types of papers (even fortune cookie papers) but only newspapers and comic books seem to work since those papers are porous and the ink slides right off of them.

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