Day 26 Favorite Vacation- PDX

Phew I got this post in before the day was over!  The theme for day 26 of the OMD Challenge is FAVORITE VACATION and my fave has always been Portland Oregon!  My best friend Amie has lived there for about 10 yrs now and I usually make it out there at least once per year.  I always fly into Portland International Airport so the airline code PDX is engrained in my brain!  I’m always scouring the web for good prices to PDX.


Amie and I have done some fun stuff over the years during my vacays- ghost tours, seaside excursions, weddings, devouring mass quantities of meat (her hubbie’s a butcher)… but we usually have the most fun together just doing nuthin and hanging out!  Friendships like that are priceless, don’t you think!?  I have another trip to PDX scheduled for August.  A nice break from work, some Portland sunshine and some much-needed time with my BFF and her family (oh, and pugs too).  Can’t wait!


Here’s what I’m wearing- two coats of a Julie G gold polish called Metallic Heels, some studs from Claire’s Boutique and my black Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen.   It was nice and easy, which is perfect for a TGIF-kinda friday!

There’s only 5 days left of the challenge! The links will be open til Aug 5th for any last minute submissions… then we will pick our 4 random winners!  It’s pretty exciting!  From looking at the raffle numbers it looks like you’d have a good chance of winning too- especially if you’ve been participating everyday!  Good luck everyone!

26 Favorite Holiday/Vacation :


9 thoughts on “Day 26 Favorite Vacation- PDX

  1. Woo hoo! Portland!! 🙂 When you say seaside do you literally mean Seaside like the city or just going to the beach? If you mean Seaside, please tell me you play fascination (next to the arcade) and ride the tilt a whirl!! Anyway- enough about my favorite vacation activities- these nails are really cute! 🙂

      • It’s a while room full of the same game, so you play against everyone and you roll a ball and try to get it 5 in a row Bingo style in these holes to win a ton of tickets for prizes. Each time you win, you get 99 tickets so they give out these little fascination cards instead of the individual tickets, and you can save those up and get regular prizes (snooze) or hoodies and stuff. It’s my favorite game!! It’s right next door to the arcade on the main strip. Don’t forget to hit up del sol, too if you want some color changing nail polish! 😉

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