Day 20 of OMD Challenge- 3D Spiral Wire Nails

Day 20 of the Oh Mon Dieu Challenge is 3D nails!  There are so many options for this theme….and I contemplated for a long time on this one.  Since I make jewelry I kept feeling inspired to use jewelry findings to make my own 3D nail art embellishments.  I started with two coats of Zoya Zuza and then the 3D fun began……..


I used some 20 gauge silver beading wire to shape some spirals!  Crazy cool, right?  Creating spirals is a common technique for jewelry makers since they can be used in a lot of designs.  Also, spirals are used to make the cage part of a ‘caged bead’!

After I shaped my spirals I pounded them with a jewelry mallet to give them a nice hammered finish… and then bent the sides down with some pliers so they’d have a nice curved shape (like my nails do).  I stuck them on with some clear polish called My Nails Are Sealed.  I have no idea when or where I got this polish- I just know I’ve had it foreverrr and it works great to secure 3D stuff to my nails.  I’ve been wearing them for 3 hrs and washed my hands a few times too and they’re still stuck on there.  So we shall see how long they last!


So, what do you think of my crazy 3d nails?

20. 3-D Nails :

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