Day 12 of OMD Challenge- Warm Brown Dotticure

Hey nail fans!  Day 12 of the OMD  Rather Awesome Challenge is DOTS!  For me, dotting is one of the easiest designs to do.  And normally I don’t do a lot of dotticures because I feel like it’s cheating somehow.  I know that doesn’t make any sense at all…. but I guess I feel like they’re so simple I wonder if people will be like, “Come on Crafty, gimme something more original than that!”  That’s dumb, I know.


For today’s dotticure I wanted to go with a brown and pink combo.  I love those colors together- but after rifling through my stash I realized I have like NO browns!!  I have a few shimmery/metallic shades, some nudes and some that are kinda orangey…. but as far as regular old browns- I got nothing.   I feel an online shopping spree in my future!!!!!!!  So instead of brown and pink I dug into the dark recesses of my stash to find a few nice warm brownish colors.  Here’s what I’m wearing:

creamy yellow base color ♥ 2 coats of Zoya Jacqueline 🙂

putty colored dots ♥ OPI Don’t Pretzel My Buttons

brown shimmery dots ♥ Maybelline Ultimate Wear in Tarnished Taupe (this polish is as old as the hills!)

mauve dots ♥ Sally Hansen Teflon Tuff in Wood Violet Cream (another verrry old bottle)


All dots were applied with a large dotting tool from amazon.  What do you think?  And do you have a favorite brown?  I think I need some nice creamy brown shades so lemme know if you have any recommendations!  Thanks!

12. Dots :

36 thoughts on “Day 12 of OMD Challenge- Warm Brown Dotticure

  1. This looks great, unfortunately got no recommendations for a brown. Just went through my stash and discovered I have none and I also have only 1 red :p. I guess I need to do some polish shopping also XD

  2. I have the same issue with brown shades! There is a cool duochrome that Maybelline put out a year or so ago, it’s a brown/teal duo. My only other browns are from a discontinued Sephora by OPI mini set.
    Love your dotticure!

    • Thanks! I will keep looking for a nice brown. I have a beauty supply store in a mall about 25 min away that sells OPIs for 3.49! There’s a few that look nice online- but I like to buy my polish in person so I can really see what im gettin!

      • WHAAA? That’s a crazy good price for OPI’s, are they past season or something? Just make sure you’re not getting some Chinese knockoff like “OIP” or something, LOL.

  3. This looks amazing, I love the effect of the different coloured lines of dots.
    I have no brown at all except for one that has a bit of a coppery shimmer. I really don’t like brown much but I find I need it for my nail art, so if you find a nice creme, let me know 🙂

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