OMD Rather Awesome Challenge: Day 1 Pink- Birthday Cupcake

Hey nail fans!  Today is such a great day!  July 1st is day one of our OMD Nail Art Challenge AND it’s my birthday!!  To commemorate this momentous occasion I’ve got some birthday cupcake nails to share with you!

I started with one of my absolute favorite summer polishes called Ali by Zoya (you can read more about how much I love it here on Trine-Marie’s post).  Then I painted on a cupcake using a bunch of different polishes- I won’t bore you with all the specific nail polish names lol.  However, I will tell you that I dotted the cherry on top with a Sephora by OPI color called And a Cherry on Top.  LOL How cute is that?  I also added some Party of Five glitter topper by Wet n Wild to look like confetti…. and some hand-painted white streamers using OPI Alpine Snow.  I decided against painting candles on top.  I could never fit 36 candles on there.  How did I end up being 36 already?  I feel like I’m 25!  I guess I’m testament to the fact that immaturity keeps you young!  hehe


I hope you like my pinky cupcake nails!  I can’t wait to see what the other Day 1 pink designs look like!  Check them out here….
1. Pink :

40 thoughts on “OMD Rather Awesome Challenge: Day 1 Pink- Birthday Cupcake

  1. Happy birthday! This is so cute!!! Makes me want to eat a cupcake now, lol. I’m going to be posting my pink nails too for this challenge tomorrow when its the 1st of July here 🙂

    • Thank you, Jackie! I guess we each have our thing- I would never be able to cut hair like you. Every time I cut my boyfriend’s hair I start laughing uncontrollably – I’m always nervous I’ll screw it up!! lol

  2. Can you hear me sing? I try my best to sing as loud as I can!
    Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Jacqui! Happy Birthday to youuuuu! 😀

    What a super festive pink mani you have! Love it!
    Enjoy your day sweetheart!

  3. Sorry I’m late! Happy Belated Birthday! I LOVE these nails! They totally capture that celebration feeling and the cupcake’s made me hungry lol. I hope you had a lovely day xoxo

  4. I love it. Very original! I don’t know where to press like on your blog. I have no time to do nails, but my daughters all do. You will be referred.

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