Nail Art Challenge Starts now!!!!!!

Our July Nail Art Challenge starts now!  Even though it’s not July 1st in the US, it’s July 1st in some parts of the world… so here’s our kickoff!!  Welcome to what we call The OMD Challenge! Submissions run from July 1st 2013 >> Aug 5th 2013.

If you are ready to start submitting your nail designs for Day 1 (pink) you can access our reference page for the Inlinkz and the Rafflecopter links here: Nail Challenge Reference Page.   You might want to bookmark this page because you’ll be visiting it A LOT in July!

If you need more info on how the challenge works then please visit the full description (and prize info!) here: Description of The OMD Challenge.

Don’t forget our themes for each day…


And here’s what you may win…


Any questions?  Contact me!  If you’re participating and want to add a widget to your blog– I have one on my sidebar (or on the bottom of my web page if you’re on a mobile device)!  Feel free to copy the OMD image and add it to your website.  If your not participating but want to view the nail art designs each day- then come check my blog everyday or visit this page: Nail Challenge Reference Page.  Can’t wait to see all your pretty nails!!

♥ Jacqui

17 thoughts on “Nail Art Challenge Starts now!!!!!!

  1. You guys are prepared for everything! I’m writing my Day 1 post right now, but since there’s no hurry, I’ll put it up at my usual post time tomorrow AM. SO EXCITED to see everyone’s awesome nail art!

  2. I’ll submit something this afternoon – I’ve been crazy busy lately since my summer I classes are coming to an end this week but I definitely want to do this!!

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