Flakie fun with my new Zoyas!

I was tipped off to a hot Zoya BOGO sale by Flight of Whimsy.  Thanks Eva for posting about it!!  I went to town on this sale and bought ten Zoyas for a total of $40 and free shipping!!   I picked up three creams for my mom which she loves (Wednesday, Arizona and Perrie) and she texted me last nite to ask if the sale was over.  Sorry mom, it’s over.  So if anyone hears of a new sale please let me know!  Cuz we need MORE!  (Have you seen that cute AT&T commercial with kids in it?  ‘You really like it, you want MORE!’ LOL)  Here’s a shot of my 7 new zoyas….


5 out of the 7 are shimmery so I thought it would be fun to test out those 5.  I made sure to pick ones that were opaque.  Zoya’s website rates the opacity of each polish on a scale of 1 to 5 so I picked colors that were highest on the opacity meter.  I was surprised to find that all needed at least two coats and the light shades needed three.  Here’s what they look like:


My favorite one is probably Mimi- that purple is so lush!!  Ivanka the dark green stands out too- it’s super glitzy and I’m sure I’ll be using that during the holiday season!!  My only other comment is about Emme, the light pink.  I heard it was infamously brush strokey, and I have confirmed that!  You can see all the strokes in my pics.  I didn’t love the formula either- it was thick and almost rubbery while drying.  I dinged it up real bad and had to re-do it.  That was annoying.

Now for the fun part!  I’ve had a bottle of Zoya Chloe flakies for a while now and it was calling to me.  Please pair me with your new zoyas!


Here’s the shimmers with Zoya Chloe on top!  I think it definitely has the strongest effect over the darker polishes.  Now I’m wondering if flakies ALWAYS look better over dark polishes?  What is your experience with flakies?  Do they ever stand out over light colors?  I can barely notice Chloe over top of my silvery white Ginessa!  Hmmmm…

35 thoughts on “Flakie fun with my new Zoyas!

  1. I only ever use flakies over dark colors for that reason! Love, by the way. Also, how did Ivanka work with you? I’ve been wanting to get it for a while but I’ve heard conflicting reports on how many coats it takes to cover! (ranging from 2 to 4…and I refuse to do four coats of polish).

  2. So jealous! Great picks 🙂 I especially love Ivanka and Mimi, but you probably knew that already 😉
    Flakies really stand out over darker shades. I’ve been playing with flakies over light shades and it is pretty sometimes but not WOW 🙂
    Mimi +flakies = amazeeee!

  3. LOVE! I love me some flakies!! 😀
    They do look lovelier over darker colors but I like them over nude polishes too.

  4. On it’s own, Mimi is my fav! It is just luxurious!
    With Chloe on top, Zuzu and Mimi stand out the most! Gorgeous!

    I have Sinful Colors Green Ocean and I find, over lighter colours, it works but doesn’t stand out at all. It’s just average then BUT over dark colours, it POPS! I actually want to use mine over a nice darkish purple now too!!!

  5. These are really pretty! Great choices–who can resist a Zoya sale, anyway? I’m just glad they have them often so if you miss out on one, you always can take advantage of the next one.

    • That’s good to hear! I have a Zoya account but I never seem to hear about their sales for some reason though 😦 Thank god for ‘through the grapevine’ !

      • You know what? I never catch them either which is kind of a good thing. I also have like over 1,000 share the love points and they haven’t had anything to redeem them on forever. What the heck!?

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