Holos: AVON Cosmic Collection

AVON recently released their new Cosmic Collection of nail enamels described as having ‘holographic pearl effect’.  When I saw them in the brochure I knew I had to have some of these new scattered holos!  At $3.49 a piece I was tempted to buy all 10 shades but managed to whittle my list down to four.  Here’s some swatches for you!

All photos are in natural sunlight and sans top coat. 

Celestial: A powder blue scattered holo.  It went on pretty sheer so I think you’d definitely need three coats.  I really love the cool glimmery effect of this one. ↓avon_cosmic_celestial


Starlight: Starlight is a funky yellow shade with an almost greenish tinge.  I needed 3 coats for opacity with this one.  I think Starlight is an odd shade but it’s a real eye-catcher.  I can’t say that I’ve ever seen a polish like this one!  ↓

avon_cosmic_starlight avon_nail_enamel_starlight

Radiant:  Radiant is a nice neutral beige-y shade.  In real life the holo is subtle and demure.  In indoor lighting it looks like a nude.  Like the others, I needed three coats for opacity.

avon_cosmic_radiant avon_nail_enamel_radiant

Aurora:  Aurora is probably my favorite of the bunch!   This purple holo was surprisingly streakier than the others, but it covered perfectly with the second coat.  Finally!  I was hoping to find a two-coater in the lot!  I think it’s just gorgeous.  ↓

avon_cosmic_aurora avon_nail_enamel_aurora

Even though the Cosmic Collection wasn’t quite as holo-rific as I anticipated… each one of these polishes is stunning in it’s own way.  I was a little bummed that most of them required three coats, but I am now realizing that the shades I picked were the lighter ones in the collection.  They also carry red, teal, black, etc and I have a feeling that those may be more opaque.  Removal of these was easy.  They don’t contain any glitter, so they came off with nail polish remover with as much ease as standard cream polishes do.  Considering the low price and range of colors… these Cosmics are a great way to add some more holographic goodness to your stash!  What do you think of these?

And here’s a quick reminder of the upcoming July nail art challenge that I’m hosting with Brijit’s Digits and Eeeek! Nail Polish!.  I sincerely hope you join us!  The challenge is called “Oh Mon Dieu! It’s the Rather Awesome 31 Day Challenge Giveaway!” and we have fondly nicknamed it the OMD Challenge :D. Entries open up on July 1st (my brithday hehe) and I don’t want to you to miss a second of the fun!  So please contact me if you have questions.  Check out our awesome themes!


18 thoughts on “Holos: AVON Cosmic Collection

  1. Aurora looks amazing… it’s the winner among all ^o^
    We have in Italy an Avon Cosmic collection but it’s quite different… I have just one nail polish but it has flackies (and the others seem too).
    Have a wonderful day

  2. I lost my Avon Lady recently (she’s still alive, LOL, she just moved away). I love reading their little catalogs…makes me think of growing up in the midwest. I like these swatches, though…might have to stop into a laundromat to find some Avon books and a new Lady!

  3. Help ! i do not own any holo polishes and I have already done my avon splurge for the month. What is a brand that I could find at a store? I need some to complete the holo part of the challenge coming up 😦

    • oh no!! We need to get you some holo!!! i looked online to see what Milani has but i don’t think they do holo. It doesn’t look like sally hansen carries any either!!!

  4. Ooh! I like Aurora the best too! I wish Avon Philippines carried some polishes! Not a ONE in their brochures or website. It’s rather disappointing. You picked some pretty ones though. 🙂

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