Twinkle, Texture and a Little Tip!

peach_purple_swirl_roseThe title of this post cracks me up! I don’t know… maybe my mind is a tad bit in the gutter. Or maybe it just sounds silly or something. Am I alone here? 😀

So how did I come up with the name twinkle, texture and a little tip?

1- My base coat is called TWINKLE by Pure Ice.  The formula is thick but it’s a stunning coral color with orangey/gold shimmer.  Takes forever to dry, but nothing a little Seche Vite can’t fix.  I love this warm peachy shade…  it feels shimmery, sunny and makes me look tan!  Take a look ↓


2- I grabbed my TEXTURE polish for some quick rose nail art!  I was inspired to try this out after seeing work/play/polish’s awesome Minnie’s Closet mani.  To create this look I applied Milani Texture in Purple Streak over top of my coral base.  I used a detail brush which worked ok, but I had to keep cleaning it with acetone since the textured polish would gunk up quickly.  It came out nice for my first attempt though ↓


3- Here’s A LITTLE TIP: save your soda bottle caps!  They come in handy to mix paint up in… or just to use as a little palette to drop some polish into for your nail art.  Have you ever tried to return bottles in one of those recyclable redemption machines and noticed that they ask you to remove the caps first?  Well now you can make good use of them!


Hope you likey!  Thanks for reading.  And don’t forget- Eeeek and Brijit and I are planning a JULY Nail Art Challenge so get your brushes ready, ladies!!  You don’t have to do every design for every day…  so no stress!  I really hope you join us!  More info to come!

27 thoughts on “Twinkle, Texture and a Little Tip!

  1. OMG this looks awesome! Love the color combo 🙂 btw I really like your new blog header – did you do it? It looks great!

    • Thnx! I found a graphic designer’s blog that offers free header templates. I will have to find her link and post it! You can google ‘free headers for blog’ and you may find a lot of freebies 🙂

    • Hehehe thanks! When I was looking at your blog the little ‘follow’ button was showing- so I clicked it to make sure I’m following you. I thought I was already! But I have noticed that wp unfollows my friends’ blogs from time to time. Have you experienced that?

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