Jazzi NCLA Nail Wraps from NailPolishCanada!


I’m so excited to finally share these nails wraps from www.NailPolishCanada.com!  This design is called Jazzi and they’re made by NCLA.  Aren’t they super bright and fun?  I have been wearing them for 3 days straight.. and for a nail girl like me – that feels like a really long time!  So let’s get to the review!


  •  44 nail wraps – enough for two manicures and probably some toes or accent nails (and if you trim the remaining wraps with scissors you can get even more manis out of it)
  •  a nail file
  •  instruction sheet- with tips & tricks from the pros on the reverse side



I like that this product recommends a base coat before applying the wraps.  I always try to protect my nails- so this was a thumbs up for me.

I am a total noob at applying nail wraps and I got a few wrinkles with these Jazzi wraps.  I imagine that these would be easier to apply on short nails.  My nails are very long at the moment so I had a lot of surface area to try to cover!  Luckily my boo boos weren’t too noticeable in real life.

Here’s a quick vid from NCLA that explains how to apply them:


After 24 hrs I had a few edges lift up so I applied some more basecoat underneath, and some more topcoat on top.  This worked just fine to re-adhere the wraps and freshen up my mani.

Below are pictures at day 1 and day 3.  Not much difference at all!  It wasn’t until the end of day 3 that a few bits of wrap lifted off on my dominant hand- almost like a small chip on the tip of my nail.  I probably could have put on another topcoat to extend the wear… but I really wanted to test out the removal of these wraps.  You know how it is- when your nails start to peel you sometimes get this uncontrollable urge to peel it all off LOL!

ncla_wrap_day_one-copy ncla_wrap_day_three


If you dig under one corner of your nail wrap- the whole sticker should peel right off.  It was a lot easier than I expected.  It seems like the basecoat peeled off along with the wrap too because my nails were matte and bare afterwards.  There were a couple of bumpy ridges on my ring and pinky finger… but I was able to buff them out.


Applying the nail wraps wasn’t as easy breezy as shown in the video… I struggled with finding the right size for my nails, or sometimes I stuck them on crooked.  But as long as you didn’t press them down too hard you should be able to lift them off and try again.  I did that several times.  They seemed to last ok… 3 days for me.  But ladies with shorter nails may see more wear-time as their tips don’t take as much of a beating throughout the day.  I’d recommend re-applying a topcoat every day to help extend the wear.

I had a couple application issues- but even with the wrinkles my nails came out really pretty!  This design is so eye-catching.  I got a lot of compliments on them. They were fun to wear too- something different than regular old nail polish.   They’re great for a special occasion… or just for something fun to try!

These NCLA nail wraps were provided by Nail Polish Canada for my honest review.  If you’re interested in seeing the other ncla designs you can check ’em out here: Nail Polish Canada website.

10 thoughts on “Jazzi NCLA Nail Wraps from NailPolishCanada!

    • Pressed send before I was finished lol!
      I have those urges that if my wrap peels, I pick on it further lol.
      I’ve used wraps once before and I loved my design but it started peeling at the tips so quickly. It’s nice to take a break from nailart though and think that wraps are great for people who want to do nailart but can’t or don’t have the time.

  1. Wow, those are very eye catching and look like so much fun !!! I enjoy your blog so much !!! I never knew there were so many things you could do with nails, so amazing !!!! How awesome they wanted you to review them !!!

  2. At first sight I thought you did a watermarble. 😉 But reading further I noticed it …. wraps… They are so gorgeous. I guess wraps never apply neatly, at least not on my nails, I always got wrinkles 😉 But they are great for a fun mani, or on vacation or for who’m don’t often do nail arts.

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