Lime Green Retro Dots


I felt like something real funky today so I grabbed my Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in Lickety-Split Lime.  This polish has a retro feel- it kinda reminds me of the ugly wallpaper that was in my kitchen when I was a child!  I added some dots in Zoya Jacqueline (cream), AVON Inspire (yellow), and AVON Orange Creamsicle (orange).  Then I dotted some lime green over top of those dots for fun.  I like the effect of the double-dots.  My nails look like they’re right out of the 70’s!  I feel ready to attend a Tupperware party! lol

I used some Sally Hansen Diamond Flash Fast Dry Topcoat when I was done and I’m regretting it.  I haven’t used that quick-dry topper in a few months so I couldn’t really remember if it was any good or not.  UGH!  It ended up being goopy and bubbly.  Maybe I should add some Seche Restore because this topcoat is currently not one of my faves!  It also didn’t dry that fast because half an hour later I got a big smoosh on one of my nails.  Boo!

I may not post nail art for a couple days since I will be doing a review of my new NCLA Nail Wraps that were sent to me by Nail Polish Canada!  Yay!  I’ve never tried wraps before and I want to do an honest review where I show pics of the wraps after a few days wear.  Yippee!  I want to apply them right now but I really should get to work.  It’s monday afterall 😦

Til next time!

17 thoughts on “Lime Green Retro Dots

      • Yay!! Well it’s clearly working for you as your nail are looking a-ma-zing. I don’t know about you but my nails seem to be growing like mad lately. It feels like I’m having to file them back every couple of weeks or I can’t get my contact lenses in without stabbing myself in the eye! Maybe it’s the warmer weather?

        • Thanks doll! Mine are growing like weeds too. I have to file every week or else I can’t type!! But then again, the SH stuff I’m using is called ‘maximum growth’ so maybe that’s why!?

          • Lol growing like weeds! And the stuff I’m using is nailgrowth miracle so yep, I think you might be onto to something lol! I can just about type although I’ve actually carved groves into my s and k keys :-/

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