Milani Texture Swatch- Purple Streak


I’ve got a fun purple polish on today!  It’s Milani Nail Lacquer in Purple Streak from their Texture collection.  As far as textures go… I think this polish is a great value!  It’s more affordable than some others (nails inc and zoya pixie dust- I’m talking to you!) and it should be easy to find if you have a Walgreens near you. Purple Streak only needed two coats to be opaque and it dried really fast!  Needless to say, I’m happy with this one!  This purple has a cool (almost eery) look to it.  I’ll have to remember to pull this one out at Halloween and pair it with a funky green or something!

This is only the second textured polish that I’ve tried (I previously swatched some Godiva Pixie Dust here).  And I still have to try out my new bottle of L.A. Girl Sandblast-  it looks similar to Milani in that it doesn’t have glitter.  So which textured polishes have you tried?

20 thoughts on “Milani Texture Swatch- Purple Streak

  1. I have been wanting to try textured polishes…and Milani is inexpensive! I’m going to go look for this.

  2. The CVS next door to me has Milani, but they haven’t restocked their display in literally forever. I know because I surreptitiously take a pic with my phone every week or so! I l-o-v-e Milani nail polish; they have a semi-holo style that might be my favorite finish ever.

  3. I haven’t tried any texture polishes. I prefer the sparkly textured polishes, because I don’t understand the non-sparkly ones. It’s just not for me. Anyways doubt I’ll even get into the texture trend as opi and zoya is very expensive this side… So unless essence or sinful colors or la colors brings us something, I won’t be trying this.
    I like the colour of this one though. You could even do some blood splatter on it for an extra gory halloween effect! That could be interesting.

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