Porcelain-Look Nails

Hi y’all!  Did anyone watch the finale of The Office last night?  It made me laugh and cry- what a great finish to an awesome series!  I can’t believe it’s over!  Now I might have to track down some prior seasons of the British series to make sure I get my Office fix!forget-me-not_blue_avon_ch44

I painted my nails while watching the finale and I used one of my new favorite polishes from AVON- Forget-Me-Not Blue.  This shade is amazing!  It’s a one-coater and dries pretty fast.  From far away it looks like navy blue, but up close you see some teal shimmer.  The formula is thick and opaque and it’s also perfect for nail art.  In fact, I’ve been very impressed with all my recent avon nail polishes lately.  I’ll be putting an order in with my avon lady soon for some of their new holographic polishes from a line called ‘cosmic’ .  Can’t wait for those babies to arrive!

Some of my other recent purchases include a 26- plate set of Cheeky Stamping Plates.  Cheeky is rumored to have some of the largest designs on the market which is ideal for ladies with long or wide nails.  I love my cheeky set but deciding on a design is so much harder now that I have a good selection of plates to choose from lol!  I decided to go with this floral design using CH44.  I used Konad special polish in white and I like how it looks like porcelain when paired with the blue.  Stamping- I love you!  What did us nail fanatics do before stamps came out???


30 thoughts on “Porcelain-Look Nails

  1. I haven’t had time to watch Office for a few seasons and I love the cast! It’s on my Netflix list ;/
    What a fabulous BLUE! It reminds me of the blue used in Spanish pottery – and with white flowers, just gorgeous! Update on my nails – I now have teeny tiny ones! Using OPI strengthener and hoping to have a real manicure soon.wish there was something I could put on them to make them stronger – trying to stay away from acrylics. They are very soft and don’t want to file them down and weaken them. Suggestions for at home beginners?

    • I think the key to nice nails might be to keep moisture from seeping into them. I paint my nail strengthener on top of my nail and along the free edge which they call ‘wrapping the tips’. That helps protect them. Also, gloves when washing dishes!
      If your nails are soft, maybe some of that sally hansen hard as nails stuff might help you. When I used that stuff my nails got real hard (unfortunately my nails were brittle so they broke), but if softness is your issue then that stuff might help!

      • Thanks! I actually have Sally Hansen nail strengthener that I use off and on – Thanks for the wrapping tip! I will definitely start :0 Funny you mentioned gloves, I buy disposable gloves in huge Boxes at a big warehouse store!
        Funny, I just had a flashback…
        When “Hone Alone 3” came out, my little guy was quite young. He LOVED a certain quote from the movie. In the story, the little boy ALEX, was staying home alone sick. This is how he explained the burglar to his mom:
        ALEX SAID:
        “Excuse me, but I saw a man in Karen Stephen’s bedroom, a little older than Dad, and he was wearing butt inspection gloves.”
        From that day forward, my disposable gloves were renamed “BUTT inspection gloves”
        I’m glad wearing gloves all these years has helped the fingernail situation. Can’t live without them 🙂
        Thanks again for the tips! ~maria

  2. Those look like a Ming vase. I bought that as-seen-on-TV stamping kit from CVS, but JUST. CANNOT. get it to work for me! I have a feeling it’s a the cheapo equipment, not me. I dab a thick, opaque polish on the stamp, scrape off the top, and press the stamper tool onto the design. But I can never get the design to transfer over to the stamper, and then to my nails.
    Any advice? Or should I just stop being cheap and get a Konad?

    • The first time I got my cheeky plates that happened and I was like WHAT THE?? Cleaning my rubber stamp with acetone helped a little. I keep a qtip with remover on it and i swipe the stamp off in between each use. I never clean my plate in between nails though- i never notice any difference if i clean it or dont clean it in between. Also, I press down real hard to apply the stamp to my nail!
      I have some luck with regular polishes- usually shimmery ones stamp well for me. But usually, I like konad special polish cuz it does work good. Did your kit come with special polish?

      • Haha, no, the kit I got was El Cheapo. I think the issue is that the little engraved “wells” for the stamps are just not cut deep enough. They don’t hold enough polish to stick around after the scrape-off, and therefore to transfer onto the stamper tool. I’ll love the look of stamps so maybe I’ll get a Konad starter set for my birthday, or I’ll try the Cheeky you recommend below.
        Thanks for the help!

  3. These are super cute! I haven’t noticed that stamp before but I kinda love it. I’m going to have to use it sometime. And I always forget about Avon. I don’t think their stuff is all that expensive is it? The one polish I still have of theirs is great quality. I would kind of like to try some more! 🙂

  4. Wow, this one is one of my favorates, I love it !! That is a really pretty look and so detailed, looks hard !! I never knew there were so many amazing things you could do with nails until I found your blog, so fun to see what you come up with next !!!

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