Fugly Multi-Layered Sally Hansen Ruffian


Hey everyone!  Today I’ve got a funky ruffian design for you!  I got the idea from my friend Amy over at Ooh La La Nails who did this cool design a few weeks ago: Rainbow Mani.  I decided to use a whole bunch of my Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Colors for this ruffian.  I went with colors that do not coordinate at all so it would look crazy and kinda fugly.  In case you are wondering- yes, I did this on purpose!  LOL

This mani took well over two hours and there’s 11 coats of polish including base and top coats!  I only did two nails like this on my other hand since it was hard to paint with my left hand and it took forever.  I learned an important lesson while working on this ruffian- I need to tie my hair up in a ponytail before working on my nails!  My long hair was hanging all over the place while I was painting so my boyfriend kindly put a headband in my hair to help me out.  But the headband didn’t cut it, and my hanging hair strands got stuck on my thumb nail while waiting for my topcoat to dry.  UGH!!  My thumb design got messed up so I painted it blue along with the other fingers on my right hand that didn’t have ruffian painted on them.  The trials and tribulations of a nail painter!!

I made sure to alternate application of creams and shimmer polishes so the colors contrasted against each other.  I think it worked, as this may be my craziest mani yet!  Here’s the colors I used….


Gold ♥ Golden-I

Red Cherry Red

Silver  Gunmetal

Pink  Bubblegum Pink

Green  Emerald City

Yellow  Mellow Yellow

Purple  Plum Power

Blue  Blue Me Away!

21 thoughts on “Fugly Multi-Layered Sally Hansen Ruffian

  1. Even with my short hair I have to clip it back to keep it from falling in my face while I do my nails. I really like the gold you used for this!

    • I just took it off min ago.. i shoulda measured! They were really stacked- they looked like they were fake nails! Luckily i didn’t go all the way down my nail with the earliest colors like gold, red n silver.. so that helped a little i suppose.

  2. These remind me of Dr. Seuss socks… like long socks you’d seein one of those books. Anyway- they look really cute and fun and HOLY MOLY I never noticed how long your nails are! Good job on the nails. 🙂

  3. I think having a plain blue paint in thumbnail looks awesome and makes he rest of nails look less heavy. It’s a good combo.

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