Met Gala Nails

There were some cool celebrity nails at the recent Met Gala. Click the image below to check out the article complete with celebrity nail art pics!

I love looking at celebrity manicures.  I also love imagining that I could do a better job at creating their nail art.  For my fellow nail enthusiasts…. what do you think?  Could you have done some better nail art than in these pics?  I’m sure these ladies paid mega bucks for these manis!

7 thoughts on “Met Gala Nails

  1. So funny to think these are famous fingers sculpted by famous nail artists… maybe they should have given the top bloggers a call instead. I vote for a one off challenge by Craftynail so we can show off our ideas! 😀 What do you reckon? You always have the scoop on celeb nails!

  2. Ugly! I don’t like the claw look. Anyway, you do a much better job. You should be getting the big bucks!

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