L.A. Girl Fishnet French Manicure

In March I bought an L.A. Girl polish in rite aid and loved it!  Since then I placed an order online and bought a bunch of other cool stuff from them!  Well, I’m so happy to finally try out this L.A. Girl French Manicure nail polish!   This shade is called Pink Nude and I just love the big clinky bottle and the Eiffel Tower!


I used nail guide stickers and painted my tips with wet n wild French White Crème.  I removed the stickers and then applied just one coat of my LA Girl Pink Nude.  I probably could’ve done two but I was feeling lazy.  It came out really nice- nuthin like a classy french manicure.

But then I woke up the next morning…and I just HAD to spice up my frenchie.  I guess I can’t leave well enough alone!  So I stamped a fishnet design using my Konad M79 plate and a matte satin polish from Sally Hansen called Bronzed Matte.  The stamp came out kinda translucent which looks cool I think.  Now that’s more like it!


I think french manicures look  beautiful…but always leave me itching to pull out the nail polish remover and do something with more pizazz! It’s this weird ‘I LOVE YOU BUT I WANNA REMOVE YOU’ kinda relationship!  LOL!  What do you think of them?

21 thoughts on “L.A. Girl Fishnet French Manicure

  1. Love it! I don’t like french manicures on me, but I do love neutrals, and then I feel exactly the same way. Oh, you are so clean looking and make my hands look nice, now CHANGE for something colourful! 😀

  2. Really pretty – great combo of shades and love that stamp design for use with a nude French mani

  3. I LOVVVEEEE French, but only with weird colors! Saw a great one the other day – a “birthday cake” type of shade as the base, and the tips were different colors that matched the glitters in the base (blue, orange, pink, etc). Looked so cute & colorful.

  4. I feel ya on the French tips. I used to wear them all the time but since I got into nail art I haven’t done a plain one at all! I like it with the stamp for sure! Your nails are so long! Beautiful!

    • LOL! And thanks for the compliment! I wonder how long I can keep this long-nail thing goin? My boyfriend will have to understand that I cannot do any manual labor or housework- my nail health depends on it!

      • You definitely need a supportive man for this kind of hobby! My hubby has always helped with housework but now that I’ve been more careful with my nails he jumps in and says “Hey, let me do that. I don’t want you to break a nail.” And he is constantly reminding me I’m supposed to be wearing gloves when I wash even just a few dishes. I like him a lot. Hehe. 🙂

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