Candy Sprinkles Swatch


It’s glitter day in the April Nail Art Challenge!  Although I was tempted to use some glitzy in your face glitter (my Sinful Colors Paparazzi Glitter is sadly sitting here unopened and unused), I couldn’t resist this Hard Candy polish today!  It’s called Cocoa Smore and it’s from the Candy Sprinkles collection. I think it’s just lovely!  It has a nice neutral mauve/beige base color along with silver and matte black sparkles.  I guess it’s similar to the ‘robins egg’ polishes that are all the craze this year.  This is my first bottle like this… much more affordable than the Illamasqua speckled varnish that I’ve been craving.  Thank you Walmart 🙂  Even though this Candy Sprinkles collection is a cheaper alternative to the high-end speckles… there is a down-side.  The bottles are much smaller!  My Hard Candy bottle is 7.8ml which is basically HALF of the size of a normal bottle of polish.  Hmmm what’s up with that Hard Candy?  Still, I love Cocoa Smore- it dries fast, and only needed two coats.  It’s neutral, but still has pizazz.  I will definitely be wearing it again !  Heads up- you may need more than one topcoat though as the glitter leaves a bumpy feel.


Have you tried any speckled polishes?

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