Tribal Nails


Day 16 of the Nail Challenge is Tribal nails.  I have never tried tribal before- so please don’t judge lol. I used a dotting tool, a skinny striper brush and these polishes:

Sally Hansen Commander in Chic

AVON Inspire

wet n wild I Need a Refresh-Mint

OPI ♥ Grand Canyon Sunset

wet n wild Ebony Hates Chris

I didn’t have a plan when I started working on this design…. I just sort of started with one color and made a bunch of shapes.  I cleaned my brush, and then moved onto the next color until I ran through all 5 polishes and my nails were covered with a wacky design.  Next time I would like to plan it out more and maybe I’ll get better results!

Can’t wait to see what the other girls came up with because this was an interesting theme with a lot of room for interpretation!

18 thoughts on “Tribal Nails

  1. I think it looks great! Love the color you pulled to use here in this tribal. The OPI Canyon Sunset really is a great shade to use – I have a soft spot for what I call Adobe like shades – I wore a couple brands of Adobe in the 80’s when acrylics were big and it always was a great shade for me – I still have 2 really old bottles of Adobe like from then but not sure they are usable even with some thinner. Recall one is a CND and the other was an Estee Lauder. It’s really hard now to find shades in that hue/range. I am sure I have Canyon Sunset – I need to pull it and give it a try. It’s a tish more mauve than it is like my old Adobe – I have one China Glaze that is sort of the Adobe range – I keep thinking someone needs to create that shade again – everything comes back eventually – just a good Adobe has been hard to find for more then 30 yrs now.

  2. i think your nails look amazing! very smooth! mine are super bumpy. you did a really nice job! im new to all this and will continue to practice. lol

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