Summery Pink Panels


Today is PINK  DAY as part of the 30 Day Nail Challenge.  I created a nail art design I’ll call pink panels using only a dotting tool .  I started with two coats of Orly Kiss The Bride– which is pretty watery and streaky.  If I was wearing Kiss the Bride on it’s own then I would definitely have needed three coats.  Then I selected the following three pink polishes for my panels/squares:

pink_panels_with_dotting_toolOPI Elephantistic Pink

Zoya Ali

China Glaze Dance Baby

I used my smallest dotting tool to shape the squares.  I got pretty good control and clean corners from using that tool-  I’m sure I woulda muffed it up if I used a paintbrush!  This design was pretty easy to do, but a little time consuming.  I’d say the squares took me about an hour from start to finish.  I like the outcome and how the Zoya Ali looks like so bright against the other pinks!  I didn’t realize how neon Ali is- I will definitely be wearing it this summer!

Now I’m inspired to try this look with green polishes – I bet it would look like a tortoise shell 🙂

30 thoughts on “Summery Pink Panels

    • Feel free to copy, plz! It took an hr for 6 nails- 5 on the left hand and one accent nail on the right. I started with one color first and did one panel on each finger with that color. Then switched to the next color and did one on each. Then the last color. That made one complete row of blocks on each nail. Unfortunately i had to repeat that pattern two more times since i needed about 3 rows with 3 blocks in each! Maybe yours will be quicker… i kinda was watchin Glee while i was doin it 😉

      • Haha that’s crazy, but I doubt mine would be quicker because I’m always watching one show or another while doing my nails! Plus I don’t have a table or desk so I have to balance things on my bed which doesn’t help lol

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