What shape should your nails be??



I was doing a little research on nail shapes and came across this great article on the Nicole by OPI website!  Check out their chart that explains which nail shape looks best for your fingers and nail bed size.  I didn’t even realize there was a science to it until now!  (You can click either of the above images to read the article from the Nicole by OPI website.)

I would love to have square-shaped nails.  Square is my fave!  But I can’t seem to keep mine square…especially when they are long.  They naturally round a bit on their own (or break!).  The diagram says I should have square nails too- but I think mine might actually be squoval.  Oh well, close enough I suppose!

What shape nails should you have according to the chart?

23 thoughts on “What shape should your nails be??

    • It’s such a challenge to keep them the shape you want them to be! I read somewhere that almond shaped is the most vulnerable/most likely to break. Not fair!

  1. According to this mine should be oval, but u typically wear them square (sometimes squoval. I didn’t know that was a word til now! Lol)

  2. Cool info. Mine should be square too according to this. I tried square once and didn’t like it though. That shape doesn’t work well with having little ones around either. I like my squovals. Just rounded edges to keep sharp pointy edges away from my babies. 🙂 I have wanted to try almond but not sure I could pull it off.

  3. Reblogged this on Kibbles Jr. & Nails and commented:
    Apparently I should have square nails, which is what I’m planning to do as soon as I take off my polka dot nails 🙂 I think they’re probably going to end up round despite my best efforts, though… Sigh.

  4. I think mine are supposed to be square but I usually do them squoval as even though I like the square look I don’t like the sharp edges.

  5. Mine are somewhere between square and squoval (ever so slightly rounded corners as I don’t like them really sharp), which is exactly what the chart tells me. – yay! I find its the easiest shape to maintain for me, and the strongest 🙂

  6. It says I should have round nails.. I don’t like round nails 😦 I have squarish nails. I read some place that nail shape should be the reflective image of your nail bed

  7. My nails grow out round/oval on their own too, so I feel ya, it kinda sucks actually taking work to keep them square(ish) lol. Usually they don’t stay square for long periods of time either bc of breaking. I first saw this diagram on LoodieLoodieLoodie’s blog, Idk if you have ever heard of her (bc she doesn’t blog anymore unfortunately) or her youtube channel, but she is like the guru of nail health & her blog/vid’s is like the holy grail! All these nail health post’s you have been doing reminds me of her blog, you should google it if you’ve never heard of it, you won’t be sorry! 🙂

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