Butterfly Wings


I had a lot of free time last night and sat down with my box of very old polishes that I never use.  I rummaged through them and tried out all my spring-iest colors.  The AVON Retro Rose floored me!  In the bottle it looked matronly, but once applied it morphed into this stunning peachy pink with gold shimmer!  I sponged on some Sinful Colors Lagoon which is a sheer orange shimmer.  This polish must be very old- check out the retro bottle in my bottom pic!  The peach and orange looked great together and then it hit me- MONARCH WINGS!  Yes!  Time for me to try out butterfly nails!

Butterfly wing nails have been one of my favorite looks ever since I got interested in nail art.  They’re breathtaking and have been on my to-do list for a while.  I’m so glad I finally tackled this project last nite.  I guess I just needed the perfect base color to inspire me!


I used some black wet n wild polish and a sephora nail art brush to freehand the black wing outline.  The design was very forgiving… I didn’t even have to wipe it off and start all over again –  you girls know what I’m talking about, right?  Here’s the list of polishes and tools that I used….

butterfly_toolsI love it.  It will break my heart to have to take it off once it starts chipping!  And in case you are wondering… yes, that IS snow in the background of my pics.  We got another bad storm last night in NY.  Will it ever be spring?  Probably not.

18 thoughts on “Butterfly Wings

    • I hope you try it! I wanna try it again too..but with rainbow colors!
      I used some google images as a reference. I made the black strokes thin at first and then slowly built them up on the top and bottom to make the connections look kinda scalloped.
      Lemme know if u take pics!

    • I’m trying to find herringbone on their website. Right now their site says any order over $10 is free shipping with the code POTOGOLD 🙂
      They have some cool new polishes called ‘petal impressions’ that I wanna try out!

  1. Loving the butterfly wing/gliter gradiant combo! I was looking at Avon polishes online a few days ago and their colour options just never seem very exciting, maybe I will give them a go though!

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