Houses of Parliament Magnetic Effect


Do you love magnetic polish as much as me? Here’s a swatch of nails inc. magnetic polish called Houses of Parliament.  The polish initially goes on a medium greyish purple and once the magnet hits it changes to dark purple.  It’s houses-of-parliamentkinda vampy and edgy and looks just as great in the shade as it does in bright lighting.  The magnet that’s built into the top was so strong that it actually pulled some of the polish up off of my nail- I quickly learned not to hold it too close!  I’ve reviewed another polish from this collection called The Strand which was a really pretty blue, but Houses of Parliament seems to have a different formula…

This one takes forever to dry.  Maybe it’s because my 2nd coat was thick, but the surface of my nails still felt tacky after an hour.  The polish also dried weird and had the tendency to shrink back or even rub off if you touched it.  I got some crazy tip wear right from the get-go!  And within 24 hrs I had A LOT of tip wear.  Oh well, this won’t prevent me from wearing Houses of Parliament again.  Magnetic polishes are fun for when you want an awesome-looking manicure without having to fuss.  To top it off- you’re pretty much guaranteed to get some compliments and/or questions about your magnetic nails!  🙂  And don’t we all love when people look at our nails?

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