Morning Burst


I’m calling this manicure Morning Burst because it was inspired by my Clean & Clear facial wash that I use every morning.  How corny is that lol?  Sometimes we find inspiration in the strangest places.  My orange and yellow pump bottle of Morning BuClean & Clear Morning Burstrst has a cute dotted sunburst design on it and I wanted to simulate that.  I changed up the color combo a bit as you can see- I wanted an excuse to use a bunch of my favorite polishes all at once!

I enjoy dotting designs because they seem less intimidating than free-hand painting.  I’m always afraid that my free-hand work will come out like crap.  Keep in mind that I live with a man that could arguably be one of the most talented painters in the US today…  so I might have a slight inferiority complex or something.  I stuck to dotting tools for this design and I think it came out cute!  I will probably take it off before I head back to work tomorrow though.  It is a little crazy- and there’s just so many colors in here that I doubt I will find a coordinating outfit lol!  Here’s a list of the polishes I used …

GREEN ♥ China Glaze Westside Warrior

YELLOW  Sally Hansen Yellow Kitty

PINK China Glaze Dance Baby

NAVY China Glaze First Mate

dotting tool sunburst design

26 thoughts on “Morning Burst

    • Copy away! I made those little hearts by using the special character button when writing my post. If you don’t see the button for special characters- then make sure to hit the icon called ‘show/hide kitchen sink’ so that all your buttons display for you 🙂

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  2. Hey,,This is really and literally a morning blast. I llllooooovvvvve polka dots nail art. So this is definitely on my to do list now…Very neat also.
    Hey, one question though, do u pour out the nail paint to make polka dots? I am more of acrylic paint girl since I cant dream of wasting my nail paint 😦

    • Thanks!! Dotting with polish doesn’t use up much of my polish at all! I simply dab my wet nail polish applicator brush onto my work surface to make a drop-sized dot of polish. Then I dip my dotting tool into it so I can make dots on my nails. If the spot of polish on my work surface gets dried up… then I dab on another drop of polish onto it and then keep working. I probably only used 2 or 3 drops of each color to make all my dots 🙂 I hate wasting polish too!

      • Okay, I guesss I must have not tried well then. I shall try again. DO you by any chance use a wet dotting tool as well? May be so that the polish doesnt pile up and dry on the dotting tool.

        Thanks for the detailed answer 🙂

        • Nope- I use it dry. After every 4 or 5 dots i like to rub the head of the dotting tool on a paper towel just to clean off any polish that may have stuck to it.

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