Paw Print Nail Art

fergie_pawsWinter Storm Nemo just swept through New England!  The snow started falling here in NY on Friday afternoon… and by Saturday morning we accumulated at least 12 inches of the white stuff!  Other states like Connecticut and Massachusetts got hit even worse.  The news reported that some people were even stuck in their vehicles on highways overnight until the roads became passable!  Luckily, we’re just fine here in the Hudson Valley.  It’s like a beautiful snowscape outside ….. and I kinda love it!

My kitty cat Fergie got curious about the snow too.  She ventured out onto the front porch and left behind the cutest little paw prints ever!  When I saw those little tootsie marks I realized that I’ve never tried paw print nail art before!  So I decided to test out some techniques today and I wound up with two different designs….


♥Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in Platinum as a base color ↑

♥Wet n wild Fast Dry in Ebony Hates Chris for the paws


♥Sally Hansen French Manicure Pen in Pure White Tip

♥Wet n wild Wild Shine sparkle topcoat in Kaleidoscope

♥Wet n wild Megalast Through The Grapevine for the paws

Nail Savvy brand?


Today I’m wearing a brand of lacquer that I really don’t know much about.  This unnamed shimmery baby blue polish by Nail Savvy has silver micro-glitter and it claims to be long-wearing.  I’ve had it on for 3 days… no chips so far, but a little bit of tip wear.  I like this polish…the tiny silver flecks are subtle but really pretty. I bet it would look great with some snowflakes or winter nail art.


I’m not sure where I got this bottle of polish and I can’t find this brand on the web.  It seems like it’s high quality- or maybe I’m just falling for their packaging ploys! LOL.  Their bottle brags of a special formula: Patented ceramic microsphere formula enriched with minerals.  Helps to strengthen, protect and xtend polish wear.  Now I’m curious – does anyone else own any bottles of Nail Savvy?  It says distributed in New York, NY & Wokingham, Berkshire RG…

OPI Nail Envy Review

*This product was purchased by me.

I’m so excited to finally share the results of my 10 day trial of OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener (complete with before and after pics)!  You see, lately my dominant right-hand nails have been breaking a lot and I wanted to test out this popular product and hopefully whip them back into shape!


The best-selling variety of Nail Envy is the original formula, but OPI also opi_envycarries an array of other formulas to target specific nail problems.  I chose the moisturizing formula of Nail Envy for Dry & Brittle Nails (in the red bottle).  Even though my nails seem pretty strong and grow at a decent rate, I do experience a lot of breakage.  If I accidentally bang my hand on something-  my nail will typically break or crack.   I hoped that the moisturizing formula for Dry & Brittle Nails would restore flexibility.  My results are to follow…but let’s check out my before and after pics first!!

OPI Nail Envy Review

And here’s my poor right hand which experienced some serious breakage right before I started using Nail Envy….

Nail Envy Before and After


The instructions say to apply two coats, and then an additional coat every other day.  After a week you must remove it all and start the process over again.  Since I change my nail color often, I was unable to follow their plan to a tee… so I applied two coats, then my nail color- and left that on through the next day.  Then on the third day I removed all polish and applied two more coats of Nail Envy and then my nail color, etc…  So basically, I was still able to apply the strengthener every other day as directed, but I didn’t get to build up the layers over a week’s time as recommended.  I decided to test the product out this way over a 10 day period…


From looking at the pics my nails look somewhat the same, just longer.  But here’s how I know this product really, really works….

Day 2- I banged my hand really hard on a metal fixture and experienced a minor snafu on my right-hand middle finger.  The impact to the nail caused the top layer to peel off on my tip.  Boo.  Very typical of my usual, “MAN, I broke a nail!”….. but remember, I only had one application of the product on at this time.  After I tore the peeled layer off I decided not to file or buff it, I just applied more Nail Envy.  I was impressed how the raw peeled area smoothed over and healed over time!  Within a few days the surface of that area seemed very even and almost like the peely layers were fusing back together!

Day 8- I whacked my hand on the wall while half asleep.  Not sure what happened exactly, but I know it involved my naughty cat Fergie.  My whole finger and nail bed hurt, so I flipped on the lights to assess the nail damage (this was the same nail that was impacted on day 2).  To my surprise- there was no damage!  My nail must’ve bent and absorbed the shock without breaking or cracking!  I left a pink nail polish mark on the wall, and my finger hurt like heck, but my nails were just fine.  I went back to bed with a smile on my face.

Day 9- Ok, I’m starting to sound like a major klutz- but I picked something up and it slipped out of my hand…and my left-hand middle finger nail bent backwards!  Ouch- don’t you hate when that happens?  It gives me the heebie-jeebies just thinking about it.   But I’m so glad that my nail didn’t snap!  It simply bent backwards, and then went back to normal. Very impressive.

By day 10 I can attest that this product made my nails much more flexible and resistant to breakage!  It seems to have restored hydration and made my nails less fragile.  I would definitely recommend this product!  The key may be to find the formula that would work best for you.  You can research the different formulas here on the OPI website.

Ten days was a long time… and my nails just kept growing and growing!  I cannot wait to file and shape my nails now!  Til next time…….

Scented Nail Polish Review

love and beauty forever 21 scented nail polish

I spotted this scented polish at Forever 21 clothing store and I just couldn’t resist!   I’ve always wondered how smelly these polishes really are!  I assumed they’d be disappointing for some reason… so I went for the glitziest color on the display.  If it doesn’t smell good- well at least it looks good, right?  I decided on Love & Beauty by Forever 21 Scented Nail Polish in Raspberry.

raspberry scented nail polishMy first instinct was to open the bottle and take a big whiff. 😀   Uhhh… so where’s the yummy raspberry scent?  Instead it smelled like chemicals and alcohol (well, I guess for some people that might smell good. LOL)!  As it turns out, the raspberry aroma doesn’t pop up until the polish is drying.  I applied one coat and within a minute or so I could smell the fake fruity smell.  I immediately recognized it and it didn’t take long for me to make the connection.  This polish smells just like the magenta Mr. Sketch scented markers from the 80’s!  Ahhhh… I feel like a kid again! 😀

I like the surprisemr_sketch retro scent of this polish… but the formula is just plain weird!  It forms a thin and rubbery layer over your nail that’s very susceptible to bumps and gouges.  I lightly banged my hands a couple times and it really messed up my paint job!  It took forever to dry and then I had to go for a third coat to fix the dents and cover some bald spots.  With three coats there’s no way that the polish would set before bedtime.  So to cut down on dry-time I had to go over it with a topcoat of Seche Vite.  I figured the clear coat would totally mask the scent… but surprisingly, I can still smell the Mr. Sketch markers a little bit!  Yippee.  I can’t wait to sniff my nails all day at work.

<Warning!  Felines do not like this scent.>