Nail Savvy brand?


Today I’m wearing a brand of lacquer that I really don’t know much about.  This unnamed shimmery baby blue polish by Nail Savvy has silver micro-glitter and it claims to be long-wearing.  I’ve had it on for 3 days… no chips so far, but a little bit of tip wear.  I like this polish…the tiny silver flecks are subtle but really pretty. I bet it would look great with some snowflakes or winter nail art.


I’m not sure where I got this bottle of polish and I can’t find this brand on the web.  It seems like it’s high quality- or maybe I’m just falling for their packaging ploys! LOL.  Their bottle brags of a special formula: Patented ceramic microsphere formula enriched with minerals.  Helps to strengthen, protect and xtend polish wear.  Now I’m curious – does anyone else own any bottles of Nail Savvy?  It says distributed in New York, NY & Wokingham, Berkshire RG…

10 thoughts on “Nail Savvy brand?

  1. I have a really old bottle of “wild melon” the name is on top of the stick. it lasts a really looooooong time. I found it at Sallys.

    • Sally’s Beauty Supply used to sell it i believe. But now I think you can only find it on
      Some listings show SAVVY and some show it as NAIL SAVVY. I think they changed the name mid-stream.

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