Easy Valentine’s Day Nails


I had the idea to put regular stickers on my nails since it sounded like a super-easy way to get a cute effect for Valentine’s Day.  So I started rummaging through my sticker box (poke fun if you want, but I love my sticker box)!  It’s the same one I’ve had since I was a kid and I’ve amassed quite a collection.  My faves include my original E.T. stickers from when the movie first came out… and my cute Rainbow Brite stickers from the 80’s!  I have a lot of heart stickers too so I decided on these red foil hearts.  Then I picked a girly pink polish and started painting!


I used 3 coats of Sephora by OPI I’m Wired and then placed the sticker on my ring finger.  I didn’t know if the Seche Vite topcoat would bead up on the foil sticker or not- so I used a thin coat of Orly Bonder on my ring finger to create a nice sticky surface on top of the heart. Then I applied my Seche to lock it all down.


These Valentine’s Day themed nails are so quick and easy!  You could put more stickers on if you want, but after I placed the one down I felt like it would be enough.  <I’ve noticed that if I’ve ever ignored my instincts in the past… that I’ve gone on to muff up the manicure.>  So always trust your gut and have some fun with your stickers!

10 thoughts on “Easy Valentine’s Day Nails

  1. I found this works when OPI released this little mini Halloween collection last yr with the stickers in it. They said top coat it. Those were not foiled stickers however. What I do when I try something new is try it on a nail wheel or if one is not around, just a sheet of white paper works. I can see pretty much if colors blend – what an overlay will look like and yes – even stickers and what the top coat will do. I did try foiled ones at Christmas and tossed my SV over it – worked fine when I did it 2 times despite the foil – I think both of the bases were cream and not glitter…could see some of the bumpy glitters might not get a good hold from the sticker unless you really put down a thick couple layers of top coat – or Gelous or something to level it all out.

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