Rainbow Polish by AVON

rainbow_silverI was digging through my stash of polish and I found this old gem!  I’ve had it forever, but I guess I forgot about it.  It’s from a special AVON collection called Rainbow Nail Enamel and the shade is named Rainbow Silver.

I’m realizing that AVON may have been ahead of their time with this one!  I think this polish is from 2003.  AVON calls this a rainbow shade….but by today’s standards it would be considered a holographic.  I think it’s pretty cool that they carried holos 10 yrs ago! I was under the impression that the holo craze was more of a recent trend…within the last few years or so?  If anyone knows when holographics hit the market, please let me know.  Cuz now I’m curious!


Wish I bought more of these back when AVON carried them!

4 thoughts on “Rainbow Polish by AVON

  1. Perhaps not holographic, as such, but in the 1970’s Rimmel made two polishes which changed colours with the light. One was called Moonlight and was sort of blue and I can’t remember the name of the sort of pink one.
    Both polishes resembled mother-of-pearl and the Moonlight one was a firm favourite of mine as I grew up. I’m not sure when Rimmel started making them, could have been 1960’s or before and the Moonlight one was still available in the late 1980’s but I couldn’t tell you what happened to it after that.
    I absolutely love your blog by the way.

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